Wednesday, October 23, 2013

First Week of HallowThanksMas 2013

Oct 25-Oct 31
This year I will be traveling on my birthday to North Georgia to pick apples and travel from there into the Great Smoky Mountain National Park for the fall foliage display. (Thank you to PJ Geek for the suggestion).

This is a car trip. When I travel by car I bring my breakfasts and plan to make my own dinners. I bring any and all snacks (except this time I will be eating apples picked on the trip, too). We eat out for lunch and it is never a fast food or national chain venue. Lunch each day will be real food done simply and beautifully. If I am not home, sitting around and feeling sorry for myself over some little thing,  I will not be wistfully lamenting the lack of birthday cake and find myself trolling the bakery case.

When I return from the trip I have my mammogram and then on Halloween I am taking myself out in the morning to enjoy all Witches' and Wizard's favorite ride in The World of Harry Potter at Universal's Island's of Adventure before working a magical event for a special client at WDW that afternoon.I will not be having Butter Beer this year and I will not be buying  pumpkin juice because I make it better at home. The evening will be spent working so no one will be home to hand out candy - no reason to buy any candy or substitutes.

What do you need to plan for this first week of Binge Eating Season?



Rebecca said...

Yay!! Come on up to the Smokies! The fall color is really starting to pop :)

I love the "Hallowthanksmas"...haha! This year we will hand out candy, but I'm buying one bag the evening of Halloween and when it's gone from the first rounds of trick o treaters, our lights will be off....No left overs allowed (I've bought 3 bags in the past and ended up with left overs which I eat).

Jane Cartelli said...

Save those leaves for me! I'm a coming tomorrow!