Thursday, October 24, 2013

Grounded and Loving It

I went out this morning to purchase food for the trip this weekend. The staples I had in the house but I needed more salad fixings, yogurt and eggs.
Many, many times in my recovery I have used trips to try new 'healthy' foods - like convincing myself that pure maple syrup was healthy and not really sugar. Um, yea, it is sugar, just in a different form - duh, Jane. Then there was the time I convinced myself that goat's milk, mixed with chocolate and sugar to make fudge, would certainly not affect me the way regular fudge made with cow's milk mixed with chocolate and sugar does! Oh boy, this woman really is insane! 

An addict, who is otherwise sane, does not recognize the insanity while they are living it. I was and I probably still am a bit daft, but not about food, not today. 

It was a great joy to shop for the simple foods I required without trying to sneak in something different. It was a blessing not to think I needed alternatives or more choices.

I have packed bags of lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, turkey, ham, oatmeal, yogurt, berries, 1 packs of protein powder, two protein bars, vinegar, oil, eggs, utensils, bowl, plate and my little travel egg cooker/steamer, which has been a very useful tool in helping me keeping the pounds off on trips. 

I didn't browse the store thinking 'maybe I should try some nuts' or 'perhaps I should bring chia seeds just in case' (in case of what I never knew). I didn't think to pack 8 more vegetables so if at the last minute I am inspired to eat a different vegetable I can be creative. 

Creativity, inspiration, just in case - - they have their place but today that place is not in my food plan. If I ate it two days ago I can eat it again tomorrow. No big deal to repeat. I do not need any of these meals to be a party in my mouth. I only need them to feed my body. I will find entertainment elsewhere. Even our restaurant lunches are grounded in my daily food plan. 

It is a good feeling to be at peace with my food choices. My primary 'medicine' is completely taken care of for the whole trip. I can now concentrate on enjoying each moment as it happens, without obsessive focus on food or food choices. My biggest food choice in the next three days will be which apple I will eat from the orchard. 

How do you keep your food grounded when the squirrels in the head want to plan a party? 



Laura said...

Good job, Jane. You should be proud of yourself.

Still no answers to your questions yet, as I'm still learning. But keep the questions coming because they make me think. They make me face it and see it and find answers to it.

You are an inspiration.

P.S. your little scrawny grey squirrels got nothing on our huge fat NY grey squirrels. The weather is chaining- it's in the 40's now- and they are eating anything and everything to store up for winter. Pumpkins, mums, wood, PLASTIC. They aren't keeping the pounds off and they are NOT eating natural.

Vickie said...

My husband and son say no waitress wants to take my order. . . They have to start with a clean page, lots of notes.

Last several trips have eaten a tiny meal and a larger meal and that is it.

Jane Cartelli said...

Laura - I have a kinship with NY squirrels - although in NY I also favor the chipmunks - they eat peanut brittle.

Vickie - I am going to see if I can find the skit about a group of recovering foodies eating in a restaurant. You will get a laugh from it. :-)

PJ Geek said...

your timing is perfect for north Georgia...highs on Friday in the 50's...enjoy the trip.

Anonymous said...

I'm at the beginning of my journey and I got the idea today to take posts from other people's blogs that teach me something and put the links in a post. I'm going to mention this post because it reminds me to not only not fool myself with food, but to shop wisely. Thanks.

Jane Cartelli said...

Scribbles - If something I write can help you or anyone else, it usually means someone helped me with the same thing. Together we get better.

Karen said...

Same thing you do, Jane- I keep my food template no matter what... while traveling. I used to shop for snacks for the plane, use excuses to over eat on every thing.

Now half of my time is spent packing clothes and half is preparing food I can take on the day of travel, tucking away a salad bowl packed with whole avocados, and batch cooking so I have something to eat when I return.

Nice experience the trip and the people rather than looking for the next sugar fix.

LOL on the goat's milk chocolate. I've never seen that before. In the past, EVERYthing would have been justified.

My family is used to me double checking that there is no hidden gluten in any item. They don't want to deal with my aftermath, either!

Safe travels. Karen P