Monday, October 14, 2013

Lifestyle Choice or Coffee Flavor?

When I was traveling in Ohio I went into a food market. They had one of those displays of coffees in one-pot packets, in various flavors: pumpkin spice, Irish cream, caramel pecan . . .you get the picture.

One of the coffees however, was different. The flavor name did not cause my mind to conjure up the smell or taste that goes with a happy food association.

Instead it brought to mind something I would rather not imagine while in a food store.

I wondered: who is this flavor for?

Is this some kind of nod to a sexually challenged lifestyle?

Perhaps a beverage of choice for the compulsive masturbator?

Blog readers, I ask you - what would you think?

Thorough, investigative researcher that I am,(okay, not really), I felt a duty to purchase the flavor that brings to mind the possibility of arrest for pubic lewdness and give it a try.

It tastes like snickerdoodle - which is to say it tastes like a vanilla sugar cookie with cinnamon.

Couldn't the George J. Howe company simply use the correct spelling of said flavor? Indeed, snickerdoodle is not a trademarked brand name and is not copyright protected so why not just call it that unless this flavor is indeed a favorite flavor of those with a whole different obsession?

In which case, shouldn't it be sold in a plain brown wrapper?