Monday, October 21, 2013

Retreat Weekend and a Plan

I was on a retreat these past three days and came home food sober, balanced, happy to be present in my own life and grateful for everyone of the seventy men and women who shared this weekend (and recovery) with me. What a powerful way to start the 68 day season of HallowThanksMas.

My personal HallowThanksMas season begins on my birthday and ends January 1st.

Ever mindful that if I fail to plan - I plan to fail, this year I am planning to be accountable to myself with weekly plans. Instead of making a 68 days plan before the start of the season and pushing it to carry me through until January, I am planning to take it in 1 week spurts. I will post the week going forward every Wednesday.

What is your plan for getting from now to 2014 without using food as emotional support?



Laura said...

Since I've stopped emotionally eating- I've taken up clenching my jaw...

So as I take the next few days to really take in and process your question... I will come up with a way to avoid both things...

Is wiring my jaw shut an option?

Karen said...

Great question:

1. Stay on regular food plan. No sugar, no grains. Lower carb.
2. Plan ahead for holiday meals and decide ahead if I can eat the turkey dinner or if all the ingredients will be cassaroled together in a big heap with gluten.
3. Grocery shop and cook, as usual.
4. Bring my own food if food is mixed.
5. Regular walking and strength routines.
6. Fun times and shopping with family and friends.
7. Tide pooling and some other holiday traditions (non-food)
8. Listen to xmas music.

It's good to have a plan. My mitochondria and my body do not take the next 68 days off. It's work as usual for my body. :)