Sunday, October 6, 2013

The 12 Angry Men Revised

A great, great film about guilt, innocence and reasonable doubt wrapped in prejudice. It taught me how the system is intended to work and how much work is needed for it to work as intended. Original movie: 1957. All the actors/jurors have since passed away. Jack Klugman was the last.

Re-made for TV movie 1997 - five of the jurors/actors who appeared in that version have since passed away .

I have a dream team of living actors (men and women) who I would like to see in a new remake of the movie. Here is my list:

  1. William Peterson (he was also in the 1997 TV movie) 
  2. Michael Shannon
  3. Alec Baldwin
  4. Blair Underwood
  5. John Cullen
  6. John Goodman
  7. Dule` Hill
  8. Kevin Spacey
  9. Joshua Malina
  10. Alfre Woodard
  11. Marisky Hargitay
  12. Stockard Channing

I will never get to see my dream cast but it is my dream and I choose to share it here.

You know another great thing about this movie? It did not showcase food at all. I can add courtroom to the very short list of places that have not been infiltrated by snacks and meals in our modern age.

Do you have a dream team for the remake of a favorite movie of yours?


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Unknown said...

I like your choices of 3 and 12. :D