Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Butter Spread

On the retreat weekend (Oct 18-20) all our meals were prepared for us and served cafeteria style, meaning you line up like a buffet and pick/choose like a buffet but you only do it once. One of the choices on Saturday was baked sweet potato. They had a butter spread of some kind, sort of a large bowl of it I can't believe it could be butter food industry industrial strength butter-like concoction, positioned next to the condiments. I took about half a tablespoon for my steamed veggies and my sweet potato.

Let's remember that at home, even when I have butter on hand, I do NOT put it on my cooked vegetables or on sweet potatoes - nada. I enjoy them fine without butter. When at home I do not have fake butter spreads.

So why did I do it there? I don't know.

What I do know is that was a change in behavior and was not the healthier choice. I didn't gain weight from it. I didn't start craving buttered anything. I simply noticed it was not my usual choice. I said so out-loud. I did no beat myself up over it. I do not write about it here as an act of confession for my culinary sins and seek blind forgiveness. I simply want to note it and remember how little thought went into the act. I want to watch for next time. 

Because it could just as easily have been something dangerous. You know the expression "if it had been a snake it could have bitten me?"

If it had been a cupcake, it could have bitten me.

It is a mindful example of how important awareness and honesty are in keeping the pounds off. Maybe that pat of butter spread didn't cause any damage but I need to be aware of it just the same.

How do you keep up your practice of constant vigilance in your food choices?



Unknown said...

I've been trying to not eat "spreads" because I don't know or understand what's in them. We've been eating butter at our home now. I know what that is. :D

Vickie said...

I have a cycle (that I have to beware) of

If I accidentally get one of those, it is a chain reaction to want the other two.

So sugar does not lead to wanting more sugar (for me).

Sugar leads to wanting something salty and then fat.

The order does not matter. It is a weird taste bud triangle thing.

How is your hubby doing with his new firm?

Karen said...

There was a contest at Mark's Daily Apple and they put post-it's up over processed food products. One was over a tub of "I can't believe its not... (covered with a post it) illegal!

I still laugh when I think about it... I won't touch processed oils with a 10 foot pole due the inflammatory nature of them. I worked darn hard to decrease my hs-CRP, so I do not choose the processed foods

Many of the post-its are hilarious or heart warming..

I have to be careful while traveling or at parties. Just because it is in my food template- eggs with yolks, does not mean I can eat a ton of them ( inflammatory for me more than 1-2 a day because of auto immune thyroid) Sometimes I do not choose to notice I'm eating too many guacamole deviled eggs and my slippery mind takes over. I have to be very aware....

Jane Cartelli said...

He leaves his state job Nov 30th. That is when he opens his own office. Fingers crossed.