Thursday, October 17, 2013

What A Need Wants

It took me a long time to understand that the NEED is real. There is a need that MUST be met - and it will never truly be met with food in a way that squelches The NEED for all time. The NEED kept coming back when I used food to push it down.

I spent too much of my life using food to meet The Need, never knowing it was impossible. The familiar but uncomfortable, gripping feeling of the Need could take over for my reason and trumped knowledge. Even when I was told it was something else, I went back to the food over and over again.

For this reason I require a lot of healthy living practice to care for The Need.

Until each person finds the emotional and spiritual snack that fills The NEED, food will be used in a futile attempt to squelch The Need again and again and again. In all this I had to let go of judging anyone else's Needs. I cannot condemn anyone still using food to fill their NEED. I am grateful for the support and acceptance I received when I was in that place of not understanding the true nature of the beast.

I am so grateful to be sane and present in my life today. When The Need presents itself I allow myself to feel it to find out what it truly wants. I pamper it with love, wrap it in acceptance and calmly remind myself that there is never a NEED for the remedy of excess food - never.

What emotional.spiritual snack satisfies 'The Need' for you?



Karen said...

I ask myself - what is it that I really need, right this moment. 90% of the time it is to sleep or take a break. Lights off, upstairs, get ready for bed. Sleep is my snack. :)

It took a long time to figure that out.

RedPanda said...

That's a very profound post.

I'm increasingly realising that my *need* can be met by a combination of things - exercise (relieves stress and releases endorphins), my routine (provides the structure and predictability I need when life starts going pear-shaped), and being outdoors.

Laura said...

Great post. You have discovered so much about yourself.

Hmm, I don't think I found that for myself.

When I stopped allowing myself to eat all the junk that used to satisfy "the need"- I took up clenching my teeth.

I slapped a mouth guard on that habit.

I'm hoping after this dreaded year is over maybe that will stop too.

Still looking for that "satisfying remedy"...

Unknown said...

I think I'm realizing that time heals most disappointments. By 3 days, I usually feel better from any big mistake. Knowing that makes me feel better. I guess that would be termed--having proper perspective. :D