Thursday, November 7, 2013

Friday's Foto

I forgot to post my plan for the upcoming wee yesterday. This coming week I plan to

  • Keep sticking to my food plan
  • Fall cleaning of my office and the spare room
  • Spend Saturday with friends who are also in a keeping the pounds off mode
  • Working in the theme parks on Sunday and Monday afternoons
  • Meet with couple for pre-marriage session (one of our volunteer activities at church
  • Theme park event on Wednesday
  • Physical on Thursday

Have a good weekend everyone!



Laura said...

Having a hard few days here Jane. Not sure why, just really hard to behave. Trying to stay distracted.

Keep up what you're doing Jane. You rock!

Jane Cartelli said...

You just got back from a really fun vacation, where you were surrounded by past comfort foods and this all comes on the heels of the death of a loved one. This is what some of us call "The Afters."
You were 'good' you coped, you had fun, you planned, you stayed away from things. . . and then you have not gotten the big reward. Instead the food comes calling big time and you forget how to put it down.
The answer is still the same. One meal at a time. Each time you put it down you get a minute stronger. It is hard to see when you are on a wrong side of a bite but once you put down the next and follow it up with getting through till tomorrow the whole picture some how seems brighter and easier to cope with.

Jane Cartelli said...

What is the big reward? It is the nameless satisfaction we get from consuming the foods that we cannot put down. Whatever that feeling is to each of us for abusing our bodies with food when we feel down or lost or panicked – that is the big reward that we MUST find a replacement for. I think this is why people who have gastric bypass switch to Alcohol or gambling . . . they are seeking that reward.

Unknown said...

Cute new photo, Jane! You look so young in it!!!! :D

Jane Cartelli said...

Thank you Marion. You just made my whole month!