Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Thanksgiving Plans - the Pre-Game Show

Let us remember: I do not watch, appreciate or pay attention to football. 
Any and all references to football terms written below, if correct, are coincidence.
~Either Vince Lombardi or Knute Rockne said that or something like that.  
If we fail to plan, we plan to fail. Team Jane is in full game offensive mode. Here is the game plan:

According to where I got this image, this is
an offensive play. But I think it looks like
the seating plan when an extended
family gets together at Thanksgiving. 

  1. Not having foods at the table (or in the house) that I have trouble moderating
  2. Letting someone else clean up so that 'a spoonful of this', 'a lick of that' or  'a few bites more' do not join my weighed and measured meal in my stomach
  3. Paying close attention to the notes I wrote on recipe files in previous year. For instance: a stuffing recipe that is heavy on vegetables and very light on bread - I wrote on this previously - "Awesome and ONLY MAKE HALF". This helped me remember that while delicious and healthy there was still too much leftover last year.
  4. If I have not bought it, I will do without. I forgot to buy a fennel bulb. I will survive. I didn't buy raisins or pignolis for my husband's favorite side dish. Life will go on. He loves me anyway and he can have it next time. Saving myself from a last minute trip to the store will save me from suddening thinking I need chocolate turkeys. 
  5. I am walking an hour before I start cooking in the morning and we have a plan to get out of the house in the afternoon. 
  6. I have fresh mint leaves to chew - this is a great trick to keep me from 'tasting.' Nothing I am making goes with mint. The fresh mint keeps me from putting food in my mouth until it is on my plate. 
  7. I've made a gift to someone who has needs greater than mine today. I struggled with this gift because of my fear of financial insecurity. I made the gift with thanksgiving and belief that wherever the will of God leads me, the strength of God will support me. 
  8. Today I am being interviewed for my friend Shela's radio show - and it is NOT an interview on weight loss or food or body size. It is a show for Small Business Entrepreneurs and I will be interviewed about my company and what it was like to start from scratch. I am looking at this as a great way to get out of the kitchen and take care of me. I do not know how to tell you to access her radio show except for this: The show will be at 4pm.
  9. I have already planned meals for the leftover turkey (breast, not whole bird) so that I am not playing Thanksgiving dinner games all weekend. Turkey cobb on Friday. Turkey Moussaka on Saturday. Thai Turkey on Sunday. Everything needed for each dish is purchased and ready. 
  10. I will practice H.A.L.T. and not get too hungry, angry, lonely or tired. Food is being prepared now so that meals are on time tomorrow. Anger is not an option today. I do not beat myself or others. The kitchen now adjoins the family room and no one is stuck alone with the cooking or the cleaning. I am getting a full nights sleep and skipping our traditional black Friday antics. We went to the biggest mall from 4am to 9am for many years.  Last year we did the midnight til 8am craziness. No more. This will be a welcome change. I am shopping Saturday on Small Business Day - and only in small businesses.   
I get it! D is defense and Defense is
supposed to keep the other team
from advancing past their 'line.'
Team Jane also has a defensive plan:
  1. My daughter is making pie. She has been told to take it out of the house immediately after baking and bring it to her friend's home for Thanksgiving. 
  2. Eggnog and ice cream is not permitted in the house. Everyone can accept it or they can deal with me. 
  3. I have to work on Friday in the theme parks and they are in full Christmas mode. I am bringing my meals and snacks with me. Take that Santa Mickey! 
I will post the Post Game Wrap Up this weekend. Let's all hope there will not be any Monday morning quarterbacking going on. 

What does your Team have planned? How are you getting from here to there with peace and thanksgiving?



PJ Geek said...

I'm making turkey soup with the bones and lots of veggies which I bought yesterday. More planning and prep for the soup has been made then for the meal.

Unknown said...

I shared this post on my Facebook page. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jane! I'm glad you had such a huge victory. :D