Saturday, November 30, 2013

Post Game Wrap Up

Team Jane Wins the Thanksgiving Food Bowl Classic! (roar of the crowd's cheers is deafening).

What a calm and clean Thanksgiving! I am tickled to share this with you because I might have decided to 'play the game' and if I found I couldn't win, I could basically 'take my ball and go home' - and overeat.

But the fears were assuaged all through the day when I let go of my will and honored my body over the desire to overeat.and when my head hit the pillow that night I was still food sober. Friday my food was also well planned and I stayed on that plan despite stress and the availability of excess food.

I want to share a few thoughts:
Not having troublesome foods in the house was a key part of an enjoyable holiday. My daughter came over and decided she wanted hot chocolate and marshmallows. She brought her own with her. I did not know she was bringing them. After getting over the initial agitation of seeing them in the kitchen (picture entering a room and having something unexpected jump out at you and tell BOO!) I was still annoyed and needed to practice the 'pause.'

When my daughter and I started to get agitated with each other we BOTH paused and found a better way to communicate with love and respect. I explained to her that if I know in advance what she is bringing I can prepare my mind to having them in the house for a day and not freak out. When she left, I made sure she took all her foods back with her.

Walking before the rush started in the morning was a good choice. Next year I think I will do the Turkey trot 5K with my friend Joyce.

No one cared if some side dishes were not perfect. Three side dishes did not come out as usual. The texture was off on all three. Still tasty but less desirable. The remaining helpings were tossed after the meal.

I only had to chew on the mint leaves twice: once when I was making the pumpkin custard and once when I was making the stuffing.

I think the radio interview went really well. I have not had time to listen to it yet but I can access it at
Friday meals went as planned. I 'listened' when someone else shared that they had no choice but to eat the wrong foods in front of them  . . . . all because they did not choose to expend the effort to have a safety meal on hand for their needs. I had my meal with me yesterday, meals are all at home today and tomorrow, when I am traveling and will have two meals 'on the road,' they will be the meals I planned several days ago. There is a solution for every problem as long as I am willing to try.

About 8:30 on "Thanksday night" my husband and I started to get squirrely. We were done with the holiday and had relaxed in front of the TV when the idea of going out into the night frenzy of shoppers started to (irrationally) look appealing. We started to look through the printed ads that came on the doorstep with the free Thanksgiving day newspaper. Just when we were about to give in and go out in search of one item with both wanted for the house, I decided to look for it on It was on Amazon for less than what was advertised in the stores and it included free shipping and a four year replacement guarantee. I clicked to purchase it and we relaxed the rest of the evening.

Work on Friday was hectic between traveling to, from and through the parks but it all worked out and the final client family of the day even gave me a big bear hug and kiss. During the day I had one moment where the idea of eating off plan was crossing my mind so I practiced the art of pause, presence and practice and diverted my attention to something else - this time a beautiful scene of several squirrels engaged in playful acrobatics through the trees as they chased each other.

Today is Saturday and unless I am buying someone from a small local business today, the day will be spent cleaning the house in preparation for Christmas decorating in December. Hopefully I will heed my decision last January to pare down this year and make peace with the over abundance of holiday decor.

I have so much to be thankful for. I am not in fear of getting on the scale tomorrow. I was mentally at peace with my life for another day and I have the willingness to try it again today.

I hope you were on the winning side of our Thanksday Bowl!


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Karen said...

Good work, Jane! So key- those steps- pausing, keeping off plan foods out of the house.

I also won the game. I physically stood up and walked outside while the rest of the family buttered up hot rolls at dinner. We were in a place that had a view- so many people were wandering outside to take photos, worked well.

I did a lot of walking (and I LIKE my family). That kept my mind good.

I had several saves- like figuring out the Turkey sausage had MSG and the Turkey Bacon had a huge, unpronounceable ingredient list.

Stuck to the template 100% Makes all the difference. Love, love, love your post. :)

Kudos to you for having a plan and carrying it through.