Monday, December 16, 2013

A Monday and More

Tackling computer issues (everything had to be reset like it was right out of the box), a work deadline, my computer will not see any of the three printers. . . . strained ankle and I have an event in EPCOT today (mile walk minimum) and my two alternative pixies who would cover me have their own lives to deal with today (one medical, one traveling). It is a tight schedule today. I will tape the ankle, rely on a cane to support me and give myself the shortest possible route for the event.

Tomorrow is prep for colonoscopy and endoscopy. Oh joy. Better make the sugar free jello tonight. My husband did all the shopping and I have jello, ginger ale, two kinds of broth. Prep is just another thing that has to be done. I do not get to over eat today just because I cannot eat anything tomorrow or half of Wednesday (my procedure is late in the morning).

And with all this I really am at peace. No, I am not delusional. Today I practice acceptance. No beating my head or pulling the food-suicide chord. God really does have the best plan for me. I let go and accept what is as it. My cup runneth over in the blessings department because I accept that food does not solve anything. I can deal with it all and not eat over it.

How are you dealing with your Monday and week?



Caron said...

I love your great attitude, Jane.

Good luck with the testing. I had one of those tests this year, but I bailed on the second one.

that TOPS lady said...

Thinking of you today!

Laura said...

Awe wish I were there to help :( (((Hug)))

Vickie said...

He is now married with three kids. He has been our computer guy since he was transitioning from high school to college. Makes house calls. One of my favorite assets. When we need a new computer I let him shop, buy, set up. He said about half his business is people like us (and my mom) and the other half are companies. He works out of his house. Has a friend that answers his phone/schedules and does his billing.

Vickie said...

Did your test go well? Ran into someone else prepping today and tomorrow for test on Friday, must be the season