Thursday, December 5, 2013

Alcoholics Can Work for Beer in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam they are trying the idea of paying alcoholics to do work for payment in alcohol. Here is the link to the New York Times article.

Forgetting alcohol for the moment but allowing that a food addict who craves their substance is very similar (if not identical) to an alcohol who craves their drink - 

In Amsterdam's legal 'red light'
district, the girls work for
more than food. 
Can you imagine if Panera Bread, Baskin Robbins, Hershey or any other food store/company/vendor was the try that?

I would have changed jobs according to me craving. Work for a baking goods company Monday, dry out on Tuesday, ice cream store on Wednesday, dry out on Thursday, food market on Friday, binge on Saturday, dry out on Sunday and repeat the next week. 

People who work for ice cream companies tend to eat the ice cream. I know people who live and work in Hershey PA and no, they have not lost their taste for chocolate in excess. 

Parents might offer their children a food reward for 'being good.' That is working for food, isn't it? 

When I was a teen and worked for Burger King, I was paid an hourly wage and got a free meal on duty and usually a free meal to take home. When I worked for a bakery it for an hour wage but I got fresh bread and coffee for breakfast with cookies and cannoli cream all day long. When I worked for a major toy company there was free candy for the taking and eating. I hated each of these jobs but stayed longer than I should have. Was the sugary food partly the reason? When I opened my custom cake decorating and catering business (a lifetime ago) I know I ate the profits. 

Technically, I have already "worked for food." It only made me a sadder case of an addict unable to put down her substance. I never found redemption, healing or mentally clear thinking while still using food in an unhealthy manner. 

As an adult, have you ever 'worked for food?'



Karen said...

Ughhhhhh!!! As a teen, I worked at McDonalds, and yes- I worked for foods. I ate chef salad's and diet coke for early brunch (free).

But there were hamburgers, fries, and cherry pies, and soft serve, too.

Makes me cringe thinking about it. I used to volunteer to cut the cakes at peoples party at work so I could snag the frosting.

I can't tell you how happy I am to have walked away from it all. It all kept me stuck in food purgatory.

Great post, Jane!

Vickie said...

The receptionists at my yoga studio all wear
"Will work for yoga"
T-shirts. They work off their membership fees. Which I think is a lovely idea.

I worked for a donut shop in high school. After just a few weeks I could not stand the taste or the smell of them. Took many years to get over that aversion.

PJ Geek said...

I worked at Hardees as a teen..a fat teen..not a good combo , but there are sometimes few options.
Hershey's PA--I've always thought that would be like heaven going there, but I'm pretty sure it would be hell.