Friday, December 27, 2013

Another Episode of As the Soy Sauce Turns. .

Usually we have Chinese on December 31st. This means soy sauce. The only time I knowingly and willingly ingest soy is soy sauce and soy bean paste used in Chinese cooking or in sushi. In Chinese menus, I  love a good mooshu pork (sans pancake) and occasionally shrimp fried rice. An order of spare ribs make for a guilty pleasure.  I am not yet willing to forgo an occasional Chinese takeout meal.

I sent my daughter home with the Christmas lasagna leftovers yesterday morning so she could share with her apartment-mates. I did not feel like cooking lunch after an early showing of the Secret Life of Walter Mitty (which I highly recommend). So we had Chinese food for lunch and the take-out leftovers for dinner last night. 

My brain is fuzzy this morning. My thinking feels slushie, as though the contents of my head are quicksand mixed with unsettled gelatin and they are sloshing around inside my head. My eyes hurt. It won't stop me from having Chinese food again in the future but I am not going to repeat this menu on New Year's Eve.

Christmas was loving, peaceful and fun, without any food-based hysteria. I made one drink of 'drinking chocolate' made with unsweetened baking chocolate, cream, Splenda and served it in tiny espresso cups. It was rich and thick and decedent even without the sugar but it made me start to wonder what else I could 'play' with so I threw out the leftovers rather than work myself into a chocolate feeding frenzy. Thank God I did not have real desserts (or their ingredients) in the house. 

No one whined about missing cookies, ice cream, candies, cakes, pastries or pies. My inner child pouted but I pointed out to her that she already had more than her fair share for half a century already and she took it well and quieted down. 

When this slushie-soy feeling wears off I will crack a book I got LAST Christmas about changing my life in 52 weeks and give the first week a whirl. I am ready. 

What are you ready for today?



Maren said...

I love chinese too! We actually had the 4th annual ladies-only-dinner in my family tonight, and we went for Chinese.

Ready for 2014! :D

Vickie said...

I have to stay away from soy because of the sodium. I find things with ginger sauce, which does not seem to have as much salt (yes, I might be dreaming) and then have the sauce on the side.

downsizers said...

I am so ready to be away from all the holiday food and eating events. I still have two more to go and have already had probably 6 events/pitch ins/gatherings. You have shown us that we need to accept that there are certain foods and behaviors that we CANNOT even dabble with or problems await.

Biz said...

I was ready to get back to the gym - I only worked out once in the last six days and just a few days off can make such a difference!

Vickie said...

Are you doing okay? Busy work season over the holidays? Or quiet?

Jane Cartelli said...

Vickie - Simply treated myself to quiet reflection most days. Didn't want to post a bunch of holiday warnings again this year. Now I am paying attention to the 'afters' of the holiday. I cannot wait for you to be ready for your photos.