Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Change Your Air for Christmas

If your home, your loved ones house, the office, the mall or the place where you are at the moment smells too good (read tempting and dangerous) and you need a distraction I suggest changing your air. Do whatever you can sanely do to change what you are sniffing. A change in the scent can bought bring on appetite and remove it.

I am not baking at all this holiday but when I do bake things that are enticing, I put a dab of Vicks under my nose.

I light an evergreen scented candle - not a vanilla cinnamon swirl candle. Take Fabreeze and spray the air – to squelch the aroma. Chew fresh mint leaves. Go outside and sniff the cold air. Take a walk. Having a party? Take five minutes to re-clean the bathroom mid party - that will change your air.

Don't park near the mall's food court so you are not hit with the aromas when you are tired and on your way out. Don't find yourself living the scenario of   ' I'll just sit in the food court a minute and check that I have everything and the next thing you know there is a Mrs Field's in one hand and an Annie's pretzel in the other. '

Changing the air - it's refreshing this Christmas!

Here it is December 24th and since Thanksgiving I have only needed to spend one day shopping at the mall, two trips to the food store yesterday for our Christmas fare and I navigated my way food-soberly through two parties and an over-stimulating work environment. It has been a very different holiday this year and I am embracing the changes. Different can be better when I change my air and breathe.

What are you breathing today?



Laura said...

I have mint leaves on hand ;)

I am taking a long walk tomorrow morning (even in the -4 degrees)

And there is nothing baked or "christmasy" in our house.

This evening is dinner with the inlays (playing just like I did thanksgiving which worked great) and tomorrow my folks which for some reason I find easier all around.

It is the few days AFTER the holiday that got me at thanksgiving time- so I'm trying to prepare myself for thursday - monday.

Vickie said...

Scent impacts me hugely too. It can impact stray food WANTS. It can impact my asthma. The end result is I pretty much HATE scents.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

FredT said...

but those things are not real food. That saves me.