Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Reminder Post to Myself for Christmas 2013

Written to myself and saved Last December 31st

Dear Jane,
Some things for you to remember in OCTOBER to assist you in having a more balanced DECEMBER:

  1. You do not want to work the 23rd, 24th,25th or the 26th.
  2. You do not have to bake anything. Someone else can do it if they are needed somewhere.
  3. If you want to be creative, it is best to start early.

I forgot about this reminder. I just happened to find it today in my drafts. Let's see how I am doing. 

  1. As it happens, I am NOT working on the 23rd thru the 27th. This will go a long way in giving me breathing room from shops and food places because I will not be running anywhere alone or without a plan. 
  2. I am not baking and no one in the house is baking or expecting anything made with the dough boy, cookie elves or anyone living in the candyland game of life. I have not been asked to bring food to any parties this year. I will be attending a few parties with a food back up plan for my sanity. 
  3. I wish I saw this one sooner. Opps. Came up with my creative angle for this year's family surprise gift just today. Oh well; live and let live. They will enjoy it as it is. Nothing has to be perfect. 
Better I saw this now and had things in place rather than find it later and have repeated the same mistakes again. 

Do you need to remind yourself of anything based on LAST year's experience? 


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Vickie said...

I have lots of posts (things like this) written and set to post in the future as reminders. Just have to set date on side bar.