Tuesday, December 3, 2013

S + R = O

I was annoyed and resentful over something yesterday and had to work it out through the day. Even after talking about it with someone and changing my perspective, I found myself 'wanting' something - something sweet; something in a rush, without thought of what it is and how it tastes, a frenzied feeding of something chocolate . . . .

That is a dangerous time. I paused and prayed. (yes, I pray). I got home without stopping for anything but then I remembered: the Freezer in the Garage. There are cupcakes in that freezer. Mass-produced junk food cupcakes kept there for my business needs. They don't taste good and I can keep them on hand for work because I do not seek crap cake. I do a very popular event for my clients that involves the Disney character Stitch eating their birthday cake. I keep frozen chocolate cupcakes in the freezer to make the edible finale for that event. One cupcake is needed for each Stitch Cake event. Last night I was sure I would get into them the minute I remembered they were there. 

Then I remembered something I read an hour earlier. S + R = O. The SITUATION plus my RESPONSE will equal the OUTCOME. S + R = O 

I didn't trust myself to just throw out each individually wrapped cupcake and not look to retrieve them later. I ripped open the packaging on each one, sprinkled them with Comet cleanser and then I threw them out. 

Great on bathtub ring
and on leftovers!  
I HAVE TO BE WILLING TO GO TO ANY LENGTHS to keep my home area a safe zone for those moments when I get that stupid, uncontrollable urge. The Situation: I was unsteady emotionally and physically - my food addiction was pushing me to pick up whatever was available. My Response: was to "Go to the Mattresses" (Godfather reference) and secure my home. The Outcome: I woke up this morning without guilt, shame, bloat, and without a sugar hangover.

I can always buy a cupcake the day I next need one for an event. I can go back to keeping the box in the freezer anytime I do not have the 'want' to get into frenzied sugar crap.

Cost of cupcakes tossed in the garbage: less than $4.00

Feeling of getting up today without disgust or pain: Pricele$$

How will you feel waking up tomorrow if you apply S + R = O in your life today? 



Laura said...

This post spoke to me.

You are awesome, Jane. Definitely something to be proud of!

Unknown said...

I can't help but *love this*, Jane. $4 is a very low price to pay (less than half of WW per week) to keep your food on track. Very wise. And--a message I really need to be reminded of. Think: Comet. Yep. :D

silverchime said...

Love this post! You really pushed yourself farther than I ever would have thought of pushing myself. I'm proud of you and hope I can do it next time I have an unbearable craving.

that TOPS lady said...

awesome post! That "response" part of the equation can be a real troublemaker! ;)

that TOPS lady said...

P.S. I once covered a snicker's bar in bbq sauce.

Anonymous said...

Throwing food in the trash works great for me. I am way too germ phobic to retrieve anything, then eat it!

Sometimes being weird really helps with maintenance.

PJ Geek said...

I get that..I use Dawn soap when that happens to me. Right now I can handle somet things--one is chocolate..unsweetened cocoa in a protein shake was awesome. I have that and I don't care about the other stuff. This is a tough time of the year and we have to pull out all the tricks to make it through.

susanna said...

Why are you serving crap food to business associates?

Jane Cartelli said...

Susanna - It is not food that is to be consumed by anyone. It is food that is used in artwork. I destroy the cupcake to make it look like it was demolished by a certain Disney character. :-)