Thursday, December 19, 2013

"Well, that was fun . . . "

 . .. said no one ever about the prep for a colonoscopy.

It wasn't horrible but it was not something I would do again anytime soon. I do not know how people who abuse laxatives can stand it. The worse thing for me was missing sleep because of the need to go twice during the night and not be able to get back to sleep immediately.

The test went perfectly. I was awake going into the procedure room and then a minute later I was not. They injected the medication into the IV, it stung a little going in. The next thing I knew I was hearing my name called and I was awake and it was over.

I had both endoscopy and colonoscopy yesterday. No polyps - all looked good. Doctor took two biopsies view endoscopy because of my anemia but said he does not expect any surprises.

More to follow later on the self absorbed woman in the waiting room.



Vickie said...

Very glad all went well and was well.

Laura said...

So glad all went well. I have been checking on and off today to see if you posted. (((Hugs)))

Caron said...

I'm glad your tests went well. How bad was the second test?

I did the colonoscopy earlier this year also because they said I was anemic, but I wimped out on the other test. It scared me a lot just hearing about it. Anyway, I'm still here and I suppose I need to get checked again for the anemia.

Karen said...

So glad you are okay. I dread this procedure for the colonoscopy,but I know I'll survive. I have 3 more years before I'll have the screening.

Crossing fingers for a "swollow the pill" camera to come up before then - LOL. Not holding my breath...