Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 and Beyond

Happy New Year everyone!

This blog is about keeping the pounds off and that involves living a full life that is not only focused on what I am eating and when and why and what I do between bites and meals to not gain weight. There has to be life between the bites and  meals.

This does not mean I can change my eating. Living full does not mean a fuller stomach. I am still fighting the battle of maintaining a weight loss of over 200 pounds. I write battle because not matter what you may be experiencing - the war is not over in my body. It is an on-going process.

Not my take out order
This year I want to grow my focus to include more living and less pounds mentality myopia. I want to focus more on the living and less on the food plan - as long as the pounds remain off, of course  this is not an open invite to The Cheesecake Factory. Growing my focus does not mean I can forget I am a food addict who slips back into past habits faster than you can say drive-thru window.

My goal is to make every day count, one day at a time. I want to have a plan for some kind of action each and every day. Something beyond planning my meals and going to work, planning a trip or writing. Planning a trip is nice but it is not living in the now. Writing is something I do for my soul but it needs to be joined by things that keep me present in today.

Not mine but I can dream
January 1st I shared the day with friends at two get-togethers and enjoyed lots of bear hugs and honest interaction. Today when I come home from work I am committed to cleaning the bathroom cabinets - they desperately need purging. Yes, cleaning the house can be part of my plan of action because (1) I tend to avoid house cleaning until it reaches critical mass and (2) an uncluttered home is spiritually calming and restorative to my inner calm.

It is a baby step to clearing my life of clutter in 2014.

Are you living your life today or are you "weighting" for the day the scale gives you permission to live?

Hugs to you all for this new year!



PJ Geek said...

I watched a Pbs show with Deepak Chopra "what are you hungry for?" and it was more about the mind body spirit connection than anything. The way he said this seemed a simple way to keep it in perspective as I tend to do this--dwell in the past or worry about the future.

If you are always thinking in the past or thinking about the future you are not in the present living each moment to the fullest.

Karen said...

I'm also working on house/clutter projects, Jane. Every day . There's a Spring Cleaning 365 blog I found and it involves doing something daily.

I also have garage and office projects on going.

So many others in recovery have also talked/blogged about clutter. I know there's a brain/pathway connection.

Here's to living each day, Jane. Very, very , very important. :)

Unknown said...

I too am working on clutter. I'm pretty certain that indecisiveness in my personality played a role in my overeating as well as lack of dealing with clutter well. Cheers to better decisions in all areas of life! :D

Vickie said...

Cleaning Clutter has a LOT to do with weight loss and maintenance, in my experience.

It makes so much sense to take one drawer, one cupboard at a time and move, slowly, continuously through the house. Nothing is worse than staring at a house where everything is out of control. But having somethings already done and knowing what is next, is very positive. Proactive is really helpful.

Glad things are going well, even for you.