Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Archaeological Dig into the Bathroom Cabinets

Now about that I found in the bathroom cabinet . . . 

Found photo on line. Looks about right
except the soap was wrapped in white
In  2008 we volunteered an evening at our church's school fundraising auction - an event that was held at the (new at that time) Ritz Carlton in Orlando. A very wealthy (stinking rich yet still lovely) acquaintance of ours came up to my husband that night and said she and her husband had a room for the night and decided not to stay over; she didn't want it to go to waste. Did we want the room? It was a Saturday night, the kids were away in college; sure, why not. She suggested to me that we would want to grab up all the amenity toiletries in the room and take them home because they were by Bulgari. Quiet frankly I do not know from designer named but I liked to take home the shampoos and things from hotels so I always had extra on hand for guests who stay with us. Living near Disney makes our home popular for friends and family. My guest rule is: you have used up your hotel soap, it is time to move to your next hotel.

My husband decided (okay, it was not his decision) to develop a fever that night as a prelude to a flu and we left at dawn's early light. Anyway, I packed up the amenities and brought them home in the lovely white box provided by the hotel. No, I did not steal the bathrobes, towels or anything not intended for guest consumption. Without even looking at the contents at home, I put the box in the cabinet in the hallway bathroom. I then forgot about them. 

Fast forward five years to this week:
Cleaning everything out of the cabinets under the sinks I find the box. When I opened the still-white box  I found everything still in fine condition: shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, sewing kit, shoe shine, etc. The Bulgari soap smelled heavenly. I also found I had taken a box that contained the amenities for the coffee machine: coffee, tea, six package variety of various sweeteners and sugars, stir sticks and  . . . Land 'o Lakes half and half. I have had three little sealed-no-refrigeration-necessary half and half pods under the sink since 2008. Shaking them, I found they were still sealed with liquid inside. They did not have a date stamped on them. I threw the half and half out without sniffing the contents. The idea that the contents might smell worse than stinky cheese did cross my mind. 

The idea that half and half might possibly still be edible after sitting under a bathroom cabinet for five years just did not cross my mind. I prefer not to know. 

Looks like I have to clean out under the sinks more often. 

Right now, go into your bathroom and clean out the cabinets. What is the strangest thing you have found? 



Vickie said...

Head gear (orthodontia that was outside her mouth) that the youngest used when she was 3-4. She is turning 16 this month. I found this maybe a year ago in one of my bathroom drawers. In all honestly I had probably saved it. But had totally forgotten it was there. In other words, the bottom of that drawer had not seen the light if day in a very long time.

PJ Geek said...

I cleaned out the bathroom cabinets this summer . 11 , yes 11 home pregnancy kits and a few ovulation tests. I'm 51 and aunt flo is now a memory for many months now. But, I still saved them ..ya never know.