Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fresh Face

For Christmas I asked Santa for time for my daughter to give a fresh face to the look of I want to say thank you to my Lauren, for taking the time to do it during this crazy month during which she had the added craziness of moving from Manhattan to her new digs in Queens.

Today was a day when I fixated on, stared at,  noticed people eating ice cream sundaes. I was in Disney's Magic Kingdom waiting for my client and I 'noticed' several people holdings these waffle-bowl ice cream sundaes with mountains of whipped cream on top. By 'noticed' I mean my eyes swept past them as I looked at other things but then kept returning to where they were eating.

My normal mode is to avert my eyes and refuse to look back at the sight of foods that initiate cravings in my mind. That mode usually serves me pretty well but sometimes I feel as though I am going to burst if I cannot have a bite.Let us remember that Jane does not do 'bites'. Bites do not end with a single bite. It may not happen immediately but either later that day or the next or two days later, I will pick up a spoon and binge. The first bite does it to me every time - so no bites is safer than 'just one bite.'

In my spiritual meditation practice it is suggested that I accept what is and do so without fear. So today when I saw the sundaes and my eyes returned to look again, I viewed the sundaes dispassionately. I did not wonder what the flavors were or what the feel was like in their mouths. I accepted that what I was seeing could only hurt me if I put it in my mouth. It could only hurt me if I started to romance the sight with imagining tastes and textures.

My eyes were drawn to the mountain of whipped cream topping. It was a lot. I was thinking how many servings of cream were on each sundae. Let's say each sundae had 1.25 oz of whip - that is 35 grams. Over 110 calories just for the topping - and I am sure I am being conservative in my estimate.

Despite the truth that I am someone who, just a few years ago, did (more than once) consume a whole can of Reddi-Whip in one evening, I consider myself a good judge of calories for anything where I know the ingredients and quantities (and care to do the math). The sundae is about 1070 calories -without nuts and a cherry.

I don't begrudge the people who were eating the sundaes for their choice.   I am sure no one begrudges my choice either. My choice is to do what is right for my body. My body does not mix well with sugar.

I am sorry to tell you: I have not found a way to consume sugar in healthy and tasty portions, dear readers. There is no new miracle out there to allow me 'have my sugar and eat it, too'. So I practice not having it each day and that is working for me.



Kitty said...

I like the new site design a lot. Very nice colors, very easy to read.

Karen said...

I know I've consumed an entire container of cool whip light in one night, and wished I had another!!!

You are not alone. I've been able to watch people eat cupcakes (frosting is a binge food, cake too for that matter) and assigning it a neutral position in life is good.

No stress over it, not good, not bad but never part of my life, EVER again.

I like the new look. Welcome back!

Vickie said...

Nice and airy and fresh looking. Very clean lines.

The kindest thing you ever did for yourself is to embrace your limits. Good boundaries. No self sabotage.

Unknown said...

I love what Vickie says, and could not have said it better. :D

Mary Ellen Quigley said...

I love the new design. It is very clean and easy to read.

Good for you that you realize your limits.

Caron said...

Your blog does look nice and fresh and very readable as Mary Ellen said.

I haven't eaten a lot of whipped cream at a time, but I've literally finished off a full half gallon of ice cream in a day and wished I had more. I guess we all have our triggers. Sigh.

Unknown said...

I've always struggled with self-discipline when it comes to sweets and rich fattening foods. Any recommendations for alternatives? I've managed to lose a lot of weight and I'm trying to maintain it, but I think I'm failing...

I'm trying to get buff