Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Saving Grace of Packing a Lunch

My work frequently takes me into the toxic waste dump land of theme park food at lunchtime; a place where meals are eaten on-the-go and usually mass produced. No matter how many adjectives they use to sell it, a cheeseburger and fries is still going to wind up in the arteries. Where I conduct my business the available foods (outside of the $40 a plate sit-down locations) usually consist of the fried,  breaded, stuffed, buttered and candied varieties. 
Those are Llamas on my lunch bag

I bring my lunch. I used to eat their salads but between the dressing choices and the lack of vegetables in the salad, I prefer to pack and carry. 

The other day one of my staff bought her lunch, trying for the healthiest choice on the menu she could find: sliced turkey and American cheese on a white bread roll with mustard instead of mayo plus sweet pickle salad (very sweet) and apple wedges instead of fries. If I skipped the bread, the cheese and the sweet pickle salad I could have had that lunch. It would have cost me $9.50 for slices of turkey and a cut up apple. 

Instead I brought non fat Greek yogurt with a scoop of no sugar/no soy protein powder, fresh blackberries, walnuts and a banana on the side. It was delicious. In the winter I have the fresh berries and in the hot season I keep my yogurt cold by using fresh home frozen berries. It took only 2 minutes to prepare and cost less than $2.50. I saved enough to buy that grande decaf in the photo. 

There is no drawback to carrying my own lunch to work when I plan a lunch that is simple and travels easy. Who says lunch on the go can only be a sandwich or a fast food meal? 

Not me and not you! 

What are some of your favorite meals on the go? 



Caron said...

I can get by for hours with just a boiled egg and an apple. I used to take that for lunch quite often when I was working. It was so easy to toss the egg and apple into my purse and go. :)

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

I like a chicken sandwich, an orange, and some Greek yogurt for a portable lunch. Filling and fits in a small cooler/purse thing I have!