Monday, January 6, 2014

Two Forks in the Road

The negative side of the fork in the road:

It is a Vibrating fork for $99.99 in Brookstone. 
Vibrates and flashes LED lights when it senses that you are eating too fast or too much.

This was in the Brookstone and the Hammacher-Schlemmer Christmas catalogs for 2013. Can you imagine eating out and seeing some one's fork all of a sudden start giving off a disco show? And what about your teeth? The idea of the fork vibrating up against my teeth is very unappealing. That is strictly my opinion. You might have the fork and love it and be able to share positive comments about it regarding the value it has for your eating habits. If you have a positive (or not) experience with interactive flatware, please share it here!

On the positive side of the forks in the road -

I have enjoyed the first five days of 2014. Had a great time with friends, cleaned out cabinets in the bathrooms (wait until I tell you tomorrow what I found in one cabinet). I reached out for help with an issue on the 3rd and had a fabulous Angel Card meeting on the 4th. An angel card meeting is where you get together with friends or a like-minded group of people who share a focus and everyone blindly chooses a card with a word and a angel drawing on it and then explores the word/concept/emotion/feeling all through the next year. This year's word will be revealed later this week in another post. Hint: it is a four-letter word.

On the fifth I had some fun at work. I decorated a hotel room at the Grand Floridian in a Princess Birthday/ Tea Party  theme for a nine year old girl  Then we did a Rapunzel themed event for her in the theme park. I had the pleasure of talking with the child and her grandmother while acting like just another guest on the line for a ride and it was a joy to hear her describe her event from a child's prospective. Last night my husband and I binge-watched three episodes of White Collar. We just started watching the series on Netflix on Jan 1st and we are now up to episode 12.

Today the plan is to be productive at work and not try to accomplish more than is sane in a day. Accepting that the goal of each day is real living this year, I slept in this morning and then meditated before rising (instead of waiting until later in the day). I will be working in my office today but will take a break at 3pm to drive and meet up with my youngest, She invited me to join her for coffee and hugs.

At some points along the day I will eat my three weighed and measured meals and have my snacks. My snacks today are raw vegetables and then a protein bar with my coffee. I planned my food last night and have no need to make any changes. I don't have to think about food much today. I like the automatic pilot of having a plan and sticking to what I planned and letting go of indecision and spontaneous food adjustment, which is code for satisfying a craving instead of waiting it out. More on that behavior in another post.

What forks are in your road?



Vickie said...

I have been doing marathon sessions of shows all month. It has kept me sane as I am in/down during surgery recovery. I also use Netflix streaming which I love. Two of us can use it at the same time. So my two away from home kids use it too. So far we have been able to make it with 2. Have not had to add another package for two more. I did Foyle's War which I loved. My oldest was here when I watched the last one or two, he got hooked and went home to start at the beginning and really loves it. I also did Dexter (still working on that, Netflix added rest of series on the first of the year). Youngest and I just re watched first two BBC seasons of Sherlock as third season is getting ready to start on BBC. I also have worked on Alias, her clothes drive us a little nuts (I am sure they were stylish at the time, but shows should stick to timeless so they are never dated). I also finished Damages when rest of that series was added.

Vickie said...

How fun to be in line with the little girl and hear her story. Was that just happenstance (that you ended up next to her)?

Crabby McSlacker said...

I saw that Brookstone fork too and thought, is that a joke?? Maybe the next version could deliver an electric shock for extra motivation?

Sounds like you are off to a healthy start for the new year, hope it's an awesome one!

PJ Geek said...

I LOVE calling it like it really is "Code for satisyfying a craving".

Unknown said...

My college daughter hooked me on White Collar, such an awesome and intriguing show!

I got a Brookstone sweater depiller for Christmas and it was so awesome! I had some sweaters that I nearly gave away, but they were restored to looking good again. It was so fun to watch the pills adding up in the machine.

As for a fancy fork, I really believe that eating well is more about mindful living than slow eating.