Monday, February 3, 2014

After over 20 years of Recovery, Relapse Still Kills

Rest In Peace Philip Seymour Hoffman - a very talented artist who was killed by the disease of addiction.

The New York Daily news reported:
Last May Hoffman completed a 10-day detox program in rehab after admitting he relapsed after 23 years of sobriety.
When he was in
Scent of a Woman
If you have an addiction to alcohol, drugs, food - anything - please never believe the "trap" you are cured, that you have 'it licked.'  "It" can and often will come back to lick you. Some substances can kill you quickly, like drugs. Some substances take their time but kill you all the same, like food and cigarettes.

My heart goes out to his loved ones, his children and all of us who are fans.

My head is embracing this message from his untimely and tragic passing:
The power of addiction does not respect talent, money, desperation or noble efforts. It does not respect the time you are clean and sober. It does not respect your commitment to 'stop tomorrow.' 
It is always waiting for a crack in our recovery. Addiction is cunning, baffling and powerful.



downsizers said...

Amen sister. It's like me and that bottle of wine I wanted to buy the other day. It was a close call but luckily I was able to realize that I hadn't licked it all the other times I gave in and fooled myself. This post was good reinforcement for that situation. Thanx!

Unknown said...

So true, Jane. Once food addicts, we remain food addicts. It's important to have enough humility to remember that.

Karen said...

I stay ever on guard for the return from remission into lapses and relpases for food addiction.

Great reminder, and RIP PSH. Gone too soon. Addiction is a tough, tough disease.

Thank you for posting this, Jane!