Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Rats! It has to be rats!

Who is smarter? The average person or the average rat? I am not discussing people who are rat-finks or who play rats in theme parks. I mean your common, everyday rodent and the average person, (like each of us).

When rats in a maze hit a dead end three times, they will change their behavior and do something different. They will not return to the dead end. 

This proves rats are smarter than most people. 

What do you think? 



downsizers said...

Emotions get in the way. Addictive behavior will continue something self-destructive even while knowing the consequences; even while having experienced those consequences before. The binge is a perfect example. I wish it was just as simple as intelligence.

downsizers said...

After I posted my comment I thought about the Hoffman relapse and his untimely death from an overdose. He was certainly an intelligent person. My son also battles his weight and he said, "I am the dumbest smart person I know". He has a degree in computer aided drafting and does very well. I've wondered myself how I can be so stupid when it comes to eating and food. Here's to getting it figured out. Take care.

Kitty said...

Well, it just goes to show that for people knowledge isn't everything. Whenever I make the mistake of thinking it is, something always proves me that people are often motivated by things other than facts.