Tuesday, April 1, 2014


In February, I continued to binge for three days after the previous weigh-in of 208, I can only imagine what I weighed when I stopped. Today's weight reflects a confirmed weight loss of nine pounds since then. During that time my food was as it could be for the rest of my life: healthy, satisfying and free of the items that cause my addiction to activate. I have been free of that obsession for 38 days. I could not have eaten less or differently and still be free of that sickness. I have been doing simple exercises; Curves and walking. My clothes are fitting again. I  started a 30 day squat challenge 19 days ago. More on that in another entry.

I am delighted my weight is not above 200.
I am disappointed it is not below 190.
The number did not cause me to change my day in anyway. I felt the disappointment for a few moments and then the gratitude for the past 38 days flowed in.

It is a good day.



downsizers said...

Yes, it is a good day. We tend to be alarmists (I ate a candy bar so I know I gained 5 lb.) and we tend to perceive things through our self-sabotaging glasses. I know how it feels to weigh and not get the number I felt like I deserved because of my efforts. What I really deserve is diabetes, heart problems, and worse. Thank God for a body that can withstand what I put it through.

bbubblyb said...

Just keep reminding yourself that you have the power within. I think we sometimes forget that fact but you prove it to yourself time and time again Jane. You've got this! Sending you a big hug :) keep up the great work physically but even more importantly mentally, you're a champion and don't ever forget that :)