Saturday, April 19, 2014

Cadbury Re-post from 2011

I published this post in 2011. It is even more truthful today.

Cadbury Bunny - Cute Candy Icon or Sugar Pusher?

 I am willing to keep working to be aware of the triggers that can lead me away from the happy life I am enjoying today. I am aware how blessed I am not to be hearing the siren call of hurtful food (items or quantity) and I look forward to a very satisfying Easter.

I hope you are all well.



Kitty said...


Kitty said...

Hmm...when I go to look at this, I get a message that my account does not have access to view this page?

Karen said...

Happy Easter, Jane! I can't tell you how much happiness and peace that abstaining from Easter Candy brings me.

Jellybeans were one of my biggest trigger foods. Glad to raise a good cup of coffee and have on template Easter dinner with friends.

Here's to enjoying life today! Karen P.

Jane Cartelli said...

Kim - I don't know why. I will try to research it and let you know.

Jane Cartelli said...

Opps! I mean Kitty!
Ok, I fixed the link. I had it wrong and now it works.