Saturday, April 12, 2014

Finished 30 Day Squat Challenge

Last month I found an app of a squat challenge, thirty days long. First day 10, second day 15, progressing up to 230 on the 30th day.

On Friday I did 250 (over achiever that I am) and completed the challenge. Because of my bad knees I was very careful with each squat and never fully dropped to the lowest position in a squat as I am technically not allowed to do squats if I want to avoid knee replacement a few more years. At no time was I in pain, or swollen. At no time did I bend or rise and go "ah-oh".

I didn't do this thinking it would make me lose weight, get healthy or find salvation. I did it to challenge myself to do something small for 30 days because I never thought I could get to 230, let along 250.

I am planning to start a thirty day plank challenge next.

What is your next challenge?



Kitty said...

That's amazing. Great job. As for me, I'm working to get faster on my walking.

downsizers said...

Planks are so challenging but you will be using nearly every muscle in your body to do them. You will see a great improvement in your strength. I read that we don't need all this equipment and weights to work out. Using our body weight is all we need and planks and squats are two great ones. The five best as I recall were planks, squats, sit ups, pull ups, and push ups.

Community web said...

so glad I found your blog

Vickie said...

I wonder if it gave you a sense of empowerment to wait until AFTER you finished your challenge to write about it. In other words, it helped you finish, so you could write about it. Target/goal/reward. ?

I am a reflective writer. Most bloggers are not. This was a great example of a reflective piece and I wondered if that had an impact on you.

bbubblyb said...

Way to go jane. I wasn't as careful with my squats lately and have hurt my right knee. Seems injuries happen more as we age so good job on not hurting yourself too. I do think challenges like this are great for our mental and physical empowerment. Keep up the great work.

Jane Cartelli said...

Vickie - There was a reward in being able to write about it from the successful angle. I am not sure but I think I wrote about it a few weeks before I started, just to say I was planning on doing it. I do prefer to write about things after the fact. HOWEVER, I am glad I didn't wait until after I was 'done' with weight loss to start writing about it. We would have never met each other's blogs!

Jane Cartelli said...

Dawn - as a marathoner, how do you feel about walking/running and knee and thigh strength? I know my walking does nothing to help my thighs and knees and I wonder what you do to encourage balanced strengthening throughout your hips, thighs/knees, feet.