Thursday, April 3, 2014

Practice Doesn't Make Perfect, it makes Better

Practice gives me a fighting chance. This is why the concepts of Patience, Presence and Practice are so necessary for me.

Because there are days and there are days. . . .

There are days when I need to forgive and it is hard or seems impossible. There are days that will require a calm, logical mind - only possible if I am also calm and sound with my food. I will not always know in advance when a day will require every banked asset I have. To meet what a day requires, I cannot leave my food sobriety with an IOU. I might find myself short-changed. I cannot pull from reserves of fortitude and faith if I've dropped them into a leaky vessel. I did that on and off all last year, never catching on that the leaks were winning.

This is why, even when life is skipping along without a care, I must practice putting spiritual food in my cupboard. After planning my food and accepting  wants are not needs, I accept my needs and gently re-direct my thoughts to where they can be something of value.

Because the day will most certainly come. It can come in tiny tearing heartbreaks five times a day. It could come in the name of a tragedy that could only happen once in a lifetime. That is life and I do not control it.

Those times are when I need to withdraw the insights that I put into my heart’s escrow. And I will need to call on my people — the unseen and the ones right in front of me — to help me meet the day.

You will be interrupted.
You will be called on to expand.
You will be asked who you are and why you are here.

This is why we practice.

Practice with me.



Escape Pod said...

This was beautiful - thank you!

Karen said...

Practicing right along with you. I'm along for the 3 P's for life.

Onward and safe travels. Glad you are back and sharing your wisdom.

L said...

this post spoke to me. when I am asked who are you and why are you here, I want to have an answer. thinking hard on this one today, if only to define it for myself. L

LuckyMama said...

This was a post where I read it...and then read it again.


This is an absolutely awesome post! One to save and read again when the need comes.

Gwen said...

What a logical, beautiful post, so chock-full of value. THANK YOU.