Friday, April 18, 2014

Side Benefit to Not Weighing In

Weighing in once a month has given a side benefit to my routine of  drudgery torture exercise.

When I weighed in every day I would sometimes occasionally more often than I thought, give myself a day off the sweat if the scale showed an exciting loss.

Without a scale to trigger that excuse of a response, I must rely solely on my workout-ethic to get me moving.

I am finding that (for me) this is a more honest approach to accepting responsibility for my actions each day. I get up and I exercise or I don't. The Scale Overlord is not responsible for my day.

Why did it take me this long to reach this place of mental and emotional health? I guess I was finally ready.

This is not a comment on anyone who has a different 'weigh' of doing things.

We are all traveling the same road together; we are just wearing different shoes.


1 comment:

Karen said...

Glad you are finding what works, now! That changes over time. I would do the reverse, if I didn't weigh in, I would give myself the - well eat everything/anything "free pass". Which was not free at all.

Good to know what works. Glad you are taking action on it.