Saturday, May 31, 2014


I have two distinct thoughts about day 99 -
99 bottles of beer on the wall


Barbara Feldon as Agent 99 in the original Get Smart TV series

The other day I was at the store and they had a sale on mangoes. Ten for $10. That's a good sale for large juicy mangoes in season. I reached out to buy just one because I did not need or want ten. Then my mouth had a strange sensation. I could already taste the sweetness of the fruit in my mouth - and I did not like the feeling. After 99 days without any added sugars, my taste buds are starting the change again. Even though I can have any fruit I want, the idea of the sweetness of the mango (one of my favorite fruits) was not appealing to me. I didn't buy any. 

What is your experience with changing taste buds?



Sean Anderson said...

First--congrats on 99 days!!! I crave fruit. So much so, that I asked Phil Werdell from if it was my brains attempt at getting sugar one way or another--like, "if I can't have straight sugar, I'll take the fruit sugar..." I suppose I was trying to find something negative in something so good and natural. His response was wonderful... And I eat several servings of fruit each day. My taste buds changing-- Hmmmm... I would need to think about that... I do find myself more open to trying new things. I've never had mango fruit, I don't think-- I may need to try that soon. Thank you!!

LuckyMama said...

I've gone without added sugar for 5 months now and I keep my fruit consumption to no more than 1/2 cup a day - usually frozen strawberries or blueberries. Since strawberries are in season, I've been having fresh ones in my smoothie. The other day I had just plain strawberries - they were the sweetest things I'd eaten. It almost seemed like they had been dipped in sugar. They weren't - but an indication that my taste buds are changing as well.

Karen said...

Leave off the bun: grass-fed burger with tomatoes and lettuce = flavor popping yummy, without binge urges or triggers.

Leave off sweeteners in coffee: add cinnamon and or some coconut oil = sweet, filling, caffeine hit in the AM. No triggers with baked goods or binge urges.

Leave out grains: In main dishes like ground meat with marinara and veggies. Add spices like fresh basil, garlic, Italian spices. Flavors POP, heavy nutrition. No grabbing a bread basket time after time. Just filling nutritional fuel

Food is now fuel for body mind and soul. Taste buds totally changed forever.

Glad you are finding this, Jane! It's a whole new world.

FredT said...

Having read, accepted, assented to, and believing
you made the right decision in respect to fruit. It is not just taste, but the continual supply of modern fruit that is part of the problem.

Anna Down Under said...

My tastes have changed a lot since cutting out sugar and going low carb. I never did care much for fruit but other sweets I used to love are not appealing anymore. My only real weakness now is nuts ... especially peanuts. They haven't affected my weight loss in any negative way but I could so easily eat them mindlessly that I seldom have them around.

bbubblyb said...

I'm with Sean on fruit and have several servings a day. I don't find it triggers me and I usually go with berries or apples and limit fruits like bananas. I am similar to Sean too in the fact that being a picky eater all my life and never eating raw veggies I have become much more willing to try new foods. I think we grow with time and do what helps keep from triggering us. I'm so proud of you for your 100 days Jane :) you are doing terrific.