Monday, May 5, 2014

Plink, Plank, PLUNK

Just as I reached the 90 second mark I am starting the plank challenge all over again.

The other day I noticed a slight twinge in my back. It continued the next day. Then I caught the reflection of my position in a glass door. My butt was higher than the rest of me. I was not flat like a plank, I was holding my rear too high. This explains why I was feeling something different in my lower back. I am giving myself a week and then starting over again - this time with a mirror so I can view my position easily.

Protecting the lower back - non-negotiable self care!



Vickie said...

Not arguing over dropping butt slightly, adding that another REALLY important factor is strong ab muscles. The abs are what protect/hold the lower back in almost everything we do.

Jane Cartelli said...

Absolutely Vickie! I would never attempt a plank if I was not sure of my ab muscles - and willing to pay attention to holding those suckers in tight during the entire plank.

Vickie said...

Also, I have discovered that if I am just holding, with nothing else going on, the cannot hold very long. If I am distracted, I can hold a long time. In class for these and for wall squats, I often request a story from the instructor. She laughs, but tells me about her grandson. Makes a big difference.

Eva J. said...

I can totally relate. I have a bad back to begin with so I can't do certain exercises. Planking really does make a world of a difference especially in toning my stomach but doing this several minutes daily did a number on my lower back too! All I did was look for alternatives to planking just to ease the pain or the pressure on my back :) I'm glad to hear you are doing okay!