Saturday, May 24, 2014

When the Well is Dry

If I was thirsty but the cistern was dry, I would look to the well. If the well was dry I would start digging a new one. If, during that search for water, clouds gathered over my head and started to rain upon me, would I curse the rain or I would recognize it as a gift of what I need and drink it in?

I often turn to my mentor for affirmation and guidance. Sometimes he is unavailable by phone or in person and I need to I reach out to others. I do so willingly because that’s how a mentor relationship works. It is not like a parental relationship where we have to wait for daddy to get home to ask for what we need. Sometimes my mentor can be reached but is unable to give me what I need because of causes in his own life and I do not recognize it. I find myself spinning in circles waiting, crying louder with thirst. Why am I still thirsty? I completely forget about pushing up my sleeves and digging another well.

Today I recognized this behavior and became willing to start digging. In doing so I found I was given what I needed as it rained down from other sources in my life. I do not have to wait and be thirsty and I do not have to abandon the cistern that is my mentor's strength. He too, will be replenished in God’s time (not mine) and if I am meant to find what I think I need, I will.

When you feel your needs are not being met do you spin your wheels or reach out to others for guidance or help?



Vickie said...

Great post

bbubblyb said...

I definitely reach out to others. But I was finding my need (neediness) was to great and so for me I'm learning to just sit with my discomfort and try to feel whatever I'm feeling and get through it. It doesn't always work and I still sometimes find myself eating over it. I think realizing my own means of inner comfort/strength is helping to empower me more. I definitely think putting lots of people/things in my life though is very important to my success too.

bbubblyb said...

Oh meant to say, I'm here for you too Jane :) You know I can identify :) *hugs*

Sean Anderson said...

This post is Golden. Thank you. Reaching out, connecting--sharing what's going on and how we're feeling---so important... And to build several options, or "wells," is such a good practice. Thank you for giving me this. Nice work.