Sunday, June 8, 2014

Doughnut Dementia Day had a Plus side (and it wasn't my hips)

So as I posted yesterday,  there was a social food event in my neighborhood Saturday morning, directly in front of my home. How ironic that our neighborhood's D-day takes place one day after the anniversary of the great D-day of the allies into France in WWII.

In addition to the doughnuts they had lots of Dunkin'donuts coffee-in-a-box carafes. They had leftovers of the coffee and someone graciously gave me a sealed, full box carafe of coffee. My husband and I enjoyed the hot coffee today. Tomorrow I will enjoy iced coffee from what remains.

So to dismiss the dark drama of doughnut day, I declare that it did have a plus side. Since I was diligent in my defense against eating any doughnuts, the plus side has nothing to do with my side or hips or butt.



Norma said...

Just FYI, there is a reason National Donut Day is held on D-Day. My own father actually told me about Salvation Army volunteers meeting him and his fellow sailors with free coffee and donuts when they disembarked in the Philippines in 1943.

Obviously not saying anyone today needs donuts or recommending we partake as a way to honor our military on the anniversary of the Normandy invasion, but it does commemorate a gesture made to some very young guys who proudly put themselves in harm's way many decades ago.

Karen said...

Hmmmm... coffee... yes! Great outcome on the left overs. Score! :)

Feeling good day to day is an awesome cycle. Glad you're in this cycle. :)

Karen P.

Sean Anderson said...

That's a fantastic plus side!!! Love me a good coffee! :)

Jane Cartelli said...

Amen to that Norma. And amen and gratitude to all those men who never made it to the doughnuts that day - never made it off the beach.

Tiffany said...

Good for you