Monday, June 2, 2014

One Hundred and One . . . .

Math? hell no! 
101 Dalmatians?
101 Ways to fold a napkin?
101 Ways to skin a cat
101 Tales from the Darkside?
101 Excuses?
Math 101?

"What do you mean skin a cat???"
Better than all the rest, it is now the 101st day of this gift of release from the insanity of active food addiction (sugar and compulsive overeating).

I am SO grateful for today I need to show my gratitude in some way. Gratitude is an action word. So I pause here to give thanks to the God who guides me and the people who supported me through this relapse and didn't give up on me.

(stopped writing, closed eyes, breathing in and out peacefully, I offer thanks before continuing)

There are those who put a wide circle around me during this time and stayed outside of it, perhaps they were afraid that I was contagious? I said a prayer for them, too. I prayed that someday, when they are hurting and need help, that they will find compassionate people to support them through whatever ails them.

I am done counting days now. From this point on I will work to have a count of months and then years.

And I lost 3.2 pounds this month.

Life is good.



Caron said...

Awesome, and well done. :)

Mary Ellen Quigley said...

Congrats on 101 days!

Natalie said...


bbubblyb said...

Way to go jane, I'm sorry you didn't have as much support as would have liked but I find sometimes that proves to me you I am enough for myself as you have. Great great job and I'm here rooting you on big time :)