Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Post Vacation Happy Thoughts

We have had a wonderful four days. Weather was wonderful for swimming. The pools at the hotel were great. The beach at St Pete was awesome; the sand was fine and clean. I won $140 at a casino. We have plenty of time to just talk and even got to see the movie Jersey Boys (I gave it both thumbs up). Our daughter introduced me to John Oliver's HBO show and I laughed through the back episodes with her on 2 very late nights.

Food was sugar free and dessert free. It is still easier for me not to try and substitute artificially sweetened desserts for the real ones. Not having any has been much simpler and easier to sustain. I am over four months food sober. Next I will examine and pay attention to my use of dairy fats (milk and cheese). I did have bread made wheat two days and slept without a blanket on both nights because of the hot flashes. Yes, I got that message.

The hardest part of the trip was saying good by to my daughter at the airport today. I do not think I will see her again until December and I cried most of the way home.

My oldest and I share the same sense of humor. When I got home I posted my Facebook status as

"The hardest days are the days we have to say good-bye."

Reading my status at the gate, my daughter commented back by posting this video using Monty Python's classic "I'm not dead yet."

She cracks me up.

The hardest day for me to remain vigilant about my food is any day I have to kiss goodbye and let her go again. I have a history of struggle with letting go. Aware of this, I am being very mindful today. Feeling the feelings and keeping to my planned meals and mealtimes. I have to do it. I'm not dead yet either.

How are you?



David said...

It must be hard being a Mom and not wanting to let go. I feel for you.

Thank you for sharing this for all the moms out there who struggle with feelings like this.


Vickie said...

That was my experience with hot flashes too - food induced. I wonder if it is avoidable for most women or just a few - ?