Thursday, June 5, 2014

What a Splendid-a Hiding Place

This box says 700. The one in my
pantry is 800. 
Yes, for today, I still use Splenda, get over it.

For my business I find it necessary to keep a certain sugary food in the house that can be tricky. It is Hershey's chocolate kisses (original). It does not bother me that this is in the house if I do not smell it or have to see it every day. It would bother me to have them sitting in an open bowl or visible every time I opened the pantry door, which I open several times a day in preparing meals. Having it in the house saves me from a trip to the supermarket to buy it each time I need it for an event. Still, if it DID bother me, I'd have to be willing to make that trip to the store because no matter what, my food integrity has to come first. That lesson was hard learned.
He really is a little
fat bastard, isn't he? 

I decided to keep the bag of chocolate kisses in the 800 count case of Splenda I keep in the pantry closet. I only go into the carton if I am the one who refills the holder I have for Splenda packets. Often my husband does it.When I do it, the juxtaposition of chocolate kisses with Splenda reminds me the kisses are not for me. I am protecting myself.

There are other dessert foods I can safely keep in the house for work. These include sealed cans of spray tube frosting and lollipops of any variety. I don't like lollipops and frosting in a sealed can does not excite my palate. I was able to keep cruddy cupcakes in the freezer for a while but that is no longer comfortable. I just buy them as I go.

Before someone asks why I feed my clients such crap as canned icing and packaged cupcakes, please understand this is NOT for them to consume. These are used for an art effect in certain events being produced for their enjoyment. I do not cater.

So, today's questions is this: when you have to have things in the house that can set you on edge, what do you do to protect yourself?



Carla said...

Ive promised the hubby NO NO NO TWIX.
he caint face the twix and the twix :-0

Natalie said...

Anything of the chip variety: potato chips, Doritos etc. So far I have not been successful at resisting. So I just can't have them in the house at all.

I do have chocolate here, usually Lindt dark of some description - mint intense at the moment. But, although I love chocolate, I am ok with having a piece a couple of times a week. I don't binge on it.

Vickie said...

For me the answer has long been to buy serving sizes so there is no extra and each part there is has been assigned to someone. On my counter right now, where I have walked by a dozen times today is a 6" apple pie that will be sliced into 4 servings and two square pieces of cake that will be divided to serve 4. Husband and three kids for weekend. All of those pieces are tiny. No leftovers.

Husband's large stash of 90% chocolate is put away somewhere and he does not eat it in front of me. He eats one square a day and thinks it is health benefit. He has no health problems and no extra weight. Not arguing.

If anyone is hungry for chips or the like, we buy an individual serving bag (like at subway restaurant where they are small bags). That doesn't happen often, but does every once in a while.

I have pretty much gotten over bread, noodles, etc.

It took me a while to get past milk products, but when I realized what they had been doing to my GI system, it was easier to remember to avoid.

I have a vegetarian daughter and a vegan daughter, so they are also around foods they do not eat, at our house, constantly.

Oldest, when he is home, has severe tree nut allergy.

So all of us are eating things the others do not eat, and avoiding things the others do eat.

My middle says you could send anyone here, with any type of food sensitivity issue or practice and no matter how strange, we would not think anything about it.