Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cancelled my Botox

We gutted our daughter's former bedroom down to the bare walls and foundation to re purpose it as a guest bedroom. Took off the popcorn ceiling, two coats of primer over the purple walls before adding a new, serene neutral pigment; removed the moss green carpet and sub-floor and laid in a distressed-hickory wood floor and refinished the ceiling with a smooth texture. Another four days and we will be finished, just in time for my sister's visit next week.

The last time we re-decorated in this home I was still very obese. This is the first time I could be on a ladder to participate instead of delegate. I had fun really getting involved with each process in action. 

This weekend I spent a few hours going around the room with an 1/8 of an inch-wide, sable brush so the ceiling and walls paints would have a straight edge where they meet. Obsessive compulsive? Nah, I went around the room once and did not go back to around again to check my work.

I took a couple of selfies while up on the ladder.

The face photo caught me off guard. I think I look much younger than my age of 52-going-on-53.. It does not matter if you think I look younger.  The point is that I THINK I look younger in this happenstance photo on a ladder, sans makeup. That is good enough for me.

I was thinking about a round of Botox and facial fillers for the fall. Between the cost of the Botox and Juvederm, I just saved $800. Now I can save the money toward something even more invasive - like skin removal.  

How do you feel when a casual photo makes you look good?



FredT said...

You are still making work for yourself, just paintthe wall and ceiling the same color- white - to avoid all those problems.

Keep up the fine struggle. Don't let the rats win.

Cindy said...

I have a couple friends that always photograph badly and don't look like themselves on TV either with the pro's helping them with the makeup. I have other friends that I swear must practice in the mirror for hours and never take a bad shot. For myself I usually find that if I think I look good then you just can't take a bad shot of me no matter what dorky thing I'm doing!

Anonymous said...

I think you look great! Glad to hear that you have abandoned the idea of Botox-- having oneself injected with a neurotoxin never struck me as a good idea-- I'll keep my lines, thanks


PJ Geek said...

I want to see a picture of the distressed Hickory floors. I just did a massive clean up for a refinance appraisal. It hard , sweaty work. Could not have done it a hundred pounds ago.

Sean Anderson said...

I agree--you look very young. I also agree that it's your perspective that counts. Great re-appropriation of funds! Occasionally I'll look at a photo and be very pleased--other times I look and all I see are the flaws... Lately, I've made a point to NOT do a lot of photos for this reason... As much as I love my new perspectives and attitudes on self-worth and identity, I still have to be careful with my sometimes errant thoughts to the contrary. Great work on that room!! WOW!!

Jane Cartelli said...

I'll post some photos as soon as the floor is done. Another few hours this evening and it should be ready for the camera.

karuna demla said...

I agree with you. You look very young and pretty in this picture

Kitty said...

I am always thrilled when a photo makes me look good since most photos of me I hate. I treasure those that I like.

(And, I agree that is a great pic of you).

bbubblyb said...

You look wonderful jane :) doing projects around the house like that sure makes ya feel good too :) keep up the great work :)