Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Distressed Hickory Floor

I promised PJ Geek that I would post a photo of the distressed hickory floor we installed last weekend. Here is is. I am so proud. A photo of the finished guest room will be up next week. The guests have already moved in and the room with not be vacant for a few days.

The window treatment is not yet complete. Right now you can see the blinds and then ribbons with bits of blue sea glass. This is called 'window jewelry' and will sit on top of the shear panels that will eventually be purchased along with an accent drape. Unless I go crazy and change my mind.

Speaking of distress: I was food shopping with my guests last night and we found a new Lays potato chip flavor: Cappuccino. Imagine a potato chip that tastes like coffee, cinnamon and thin potato crisp with just the barest hint of sweetness. I am a coffee-anything lover or rather, I thought I was. I do not like a cappuccino flavored potato chip. Not at all.

How about naming potato chips what they really are: refined cooking oil & sodium flavored potato chips.



PJ Geek said...

Ah, Very Nice! Thank you. I like that word 'distressed' when it comes to wood or flooring or furniture. Otherwise, not so much.

Rebecca said...

*High five* on the floor!! Looks beautiful!! ...and those chips don't even sound good! I mean atleast the chocolate covered ones sounded tastey...that just sounds awful!!

dupster said...

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