Friday, July 11, 2014

I'm Milking this for all it's Worth

This reminds me: there is an 8oz fat free sour cream
 in my fridge, bought the day 'fore I decided to cut
dairy. Time to toss it. 
I haven't had daily fat or any dairy with the exception of Greek yogurt for two weeks now. My protein powder is now a vegan protein powder. I still have Quest bars, which are made with whey. No butter, no cheese, no milk, no half 'n half.

As with most addictive foods, it has been my experience that it is easier not to have any than it is to modify with any long term success. It has been easy not to covet butter and cheese because there is none in the house and since June I have not been to any wine and cheese parties or smelled butter melting on pancakes or toast (trigger events). When I go out for coffee. I bring my unsweetened almond milk with me.

I am not off dairy for life (or at least I don't think I am). In June I found myself buying more than one type of cheese at a time and then making excuses to make foods with cheese as an ingredient.  I made the change with milk in my coffee when I noticed the splash of half 'n half in my coffee was starting to become a downpour.

Stars are inedible
but habit forming
The change is to keep me on an even kneel and help break the pattern of compulsion that comes when dairy becomes a craving. I did not make this change to lose weight faster, although it must be noted that I was not accounting for the milk (of any % type) that I added to my coffee each day. If I add enough half 'n half to a double espresso over ice in a venti cup I could turn my 10 calorie indulgence into a 530 calorie cream drink - and I was starting to find myself at Starbucks every day and more than once I did not pay attention to the amount of half 'n half I was pouring.

Part of that urge to hit the Starbucks every day was the whole milk or half 'n half I could pour into the cup on top of the skim milk.  Another reason was is the gold stars and rewards. More on stars, rewards, habits and changes the next time I post.

My question today is this: If you have limited your consumption of cheese for health, habit or addictive reasons, do you still have one or two types that you do eat?



RedPanda said...

I cut way back on dairy a few years ago when I realised that it was contributing to my sinus issues. We now only have a small amount of blue cheese or low-fat chevre sometimes on a salad. We buy it in small portions and often end up throwing the rest out. That's the only cheese we have in the house and definitely crave it less.

I will have a cheese plate after a restaurant meal once or twice a year, but I don't seem to enjoy them as much as I used to.

Vickie said...

I have dropped many things due to secondary conditions. Sometimes these overlap. Example - I cannot have yogurt of any kind. The cultures (or something) gives me migraines. So I thought yogurt was stand alone issue. Until I realized dairy gives me GI issues. It took a couple times off for long period of time and then reintroducing for me to figure out two separate issues.

I have ONE root beer float per summer. And that is pretty much IT on dairy now.

Karen said...

Jane, I used to moderate my dairy. I would have a Medifast bar, or a quest bar, or Designer Whey protein (powdered protein drink) or a Medifast shake.

I did a Whole30, 30 day grain/dairy/legume abstaining. When I went to add in 1 medifast bar with a teeny, teeny amount of dairy- I had an immediate reaction. Water falls of mucus, acne- deep cystic, total sinus blockage. It "tasted" like I had mainlined dirt up my nose. :0

I used to moderate some dairy (first year of weight maintenance) and it "seemed" like that was going to work long term. The elimination diet gave me the feed back that I needed. It also broke me of my "shake habit" I also noted that my hs-CRP ( inflammation blood marker) got to rock bottom without dairy.

So to answer your question: No, I don't do dairy in different forms.

I believe that there is no coincidence in the link with my binge eating and my inflammatory foods. There's a connection there, for me.

Glad you are experimenting with dairy.

Sean Anderson said...

Great post!! I love cheese and sometimes it shows up several times a day in portion controlled ways...If it ever starts becoming a problem (like--compulsions to eat it outside of a meal or snack while standing with the fridge door open), then I'll need to quickly reevaluate my personal stance.
I have fairly strict boundaries with cheese: I do not allow a carton of cottage cheese in my house. Anytime I have cottage cheese it's either in a restaurant or at a friend's house (some place I'm not likely to raid the fridge with a spoon as my weapon, pillaging for more!) I also don't buy large block cheddar. I don't, because my habits with it have always been to keep going back--just one more more chunk---until eventually I've had several ounces at 80-110 cal per ounce... For some reason, the pre-portioned-calorie counted slices of mozzarella, swiss and provolone, don't seem to have the same effect on me... Although I eat it a lot--I haven't had a moment where I'm eating it outside the normal parameters of my plan. Again--I'm aware---and if that starts changing, I'll cut it with cold calculation!!! My recovery is too important to me!!
Interesting you mentioned almond milk. I bought a carton of the unsweetened 30 cal per serving kind--in an effort to replace my non-dairy-non flavored coffee creamer--which contains a small amount of sugar and is the only thing standing in the way of me being able to say "I'm 100% sugar free." I tried the almond milk in my coffee--and it just wasn't the same... and i love my coffee---like LOVE it... And then I started thinking and asking myself: Is the coffee creamer creating issues for me at this point?? It hasn't really-- so I've kept it in the plan...
A friend recently shared with me a link to a story on the addictive nature of cheeses--and now I'm reading your post---and although I feel comfortable with the boundaries I've instituted--I'm trying to imagine what it might be like to go cheese free?? I know I could do it-- I'm thinking it just isn't necessary for me at this point. Of course--like I said--that could change...
Jane, thank you for this wonderful thought provoking post! I enjoyed it very much.
I love Starbucks too--I mean, who doesn't?? In fact--the plan is to go there tonight, late, with a friend...My plan is a dark roast with skim milk and stevia packets I will smuggle into the place in my pocket. :)

PlumPetals said...

I love cheese. I went for months without having any cheese or dairy (except for milk in my coffee only 2x a week) and it was alright. However, once I started having cheese again, I wanted it all the time! In in the process of de-cheesing myself again! For me, the best way is to not bring it in the house at all.

Lauren said...

I found that when I was trying to go cheese-free, it was pretty much pointless. I gave myself so many outs, so many excuses, that I may as well have never started. On a more positive note, I've been off of soda since Wednesday. Since then I've had one seltzer (no aspartame, no sugar, etc.) since Wednesday, and the caffeine withdrawal has been horrendous. I've been starting to feel tired very early in the day, but it hasn't made me WANT the soda. I had two instances in the last four days where I could have very easily gotten my hands on soda - once for free, once almost for free - and I opted out. Hopefully, for good (or, at least, for a while)...