Saturday, July 26, 2014

Star Date 72614

Update to previous post about Stars and rewards and habits. 

The Intergalactic Starbucks Federation sent an email offering me four stars for every frap purchase for the rest of this month. Are they trying to overpower the force of the iRewardsChart app? I feel a weakness coming on . . . not to drink whip cream-topped sugar loaded drinks mind you. It is, alas the gravitational pull of a black hole drawing me towards the gold star of freebies. 

Must . . . . fight. . . . urge. . . . must get a grip on reality. Phasers set to stun. 

Three tall (small) frap purchases would be 12 stars (freebie drink). SO it will cost me $10.50 for drinks I don't drink to earn a $6.50 drink I don't drink. . . . 

That appears to be illogical. 

Tribbles like coffee.

I wonder if Tribbles like Starbucks? 



BeckyAnne said...

So many Tribbles hang around Starbucks that there is a semi-secret Starbucks committee dedicated to the issue.

Karen said...

Jane, I let my starbucks gold status expire and I'm back to regular status.

I drink americano's, black. That's it. I ditched fancy drinks, lattes, artificial sweetner a few years ago when I went free of that stuff.

I've also let hotel/air points expire. You know what I get back? Less stress and more $$ in the bank. I stopped feeling bad about it and it has given me a lot more peace.

Here's to your streak staying strong and you, too! Karen P

FredT said...

resistance is futile. you will be assimilated.