Saturday, July 5, 2014

Why haven't I posted more?

I am enjoying all the good things right now: sober eating, happy relationships, moving my body without pain and groans and the luxury of continued employment. These are good things. I am not in a danger area. The weight I gained before getting clean again in February has been coming off and I am doing the work that keeps me sane and accountable for my food and actions.

Over the last two years I stored up about fifty posts: posts on subjects I had ideas about and posts for when I wanted to post but didn't have something timely to say. I was reading through them and I realized they are all pretty serious. Some are downright depressing. They are not happy and for today I insist on a happier blogging home.

I decided to trash some, re-write some and post the others occasionally when I want to fill in. I will post them with the disclaimer:

Written when I was depressed and unaware. The attitude represented in this post is not current in me today but the topic has some value so I am posting it anyway."
I hope you had a happy holiday. I decided not to weigh in until tomorrow. I figured if I didn't like the number on the scale I did not want it affecting my mood over the holiday weekend and if I did like the number on the scale I didn't want it affecting my food choices over the holiday weekend.

Then I received a great blessing. My husband did not ask for, expect or want anything particular to the holiday. No barbecue, no hot dogs, no chips, no potato salad, no ice cream - nothing. He ate as I did without suggesting anything else or asking what I planned to make on any given day. That was a gift. I didn't have to consider any food other that what I was planning to eat.

Someone in our neighborhood decided to set off a Disney-sized massive fireworks display. We went outside to our backyard for 15 minutes to watch it.

I got 32 bug bites, minor smoke inhalation and I am possibly deaf from the booms - but I am free of the obsession to overeat for another day so Happy Independence Day to me!



Karen said...

Happy July 4th weekend, Jane!

Sounds like you are in a great space. Good for you.

Awesome gifts. Onward! Karen P

Vickie said...

Sounds like great 4th. A real blessing to have a spouse who just eats as you do without comment. Mine does too. Reduces stress hugely.