Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11th - Quick Update

My sister and her children arrived on July 29th and I had the best 10 days with them that I could ever imagine. They flew back home this past Friday and I worked on Saturday and was sick and in bed on Sunday. Today I am feeling bit better but taking it slowly. 

I am still sugar free
I am still food sober
I am counting my blessings and so grateful to be looking forward to more time with my sister and female cousins on our first annual get-together in North Carolina late in September. 

Vickie might find this amusing. I had a dream last night that I went up north to meet Vickie and her husband and children. In the dream I only met her youngest and in the dream her name was Lucy after St Lucy Filipinni of the teaching nuns. Vickie's house (in my dream) was a large estate and the grounds were covered with lovely pavers and bricks. There was a large fountain in the back of the house. The house had a great many rooms, hallways, hidden alcoves and stairways. Vickie, in my dream was shorter than her 5'4" and her husband was bald and wore a plaid button down shirt. It was a fun meeting and dream. 

What does it mean when you start dreaming of other bloggers? 



Vickie said...

You are very funny.

We were just talking about dreams this afternoon.

I had one where I realized I was standing line just behind LeVar Burton, he grabbed my youngest and REALLY kissed her. He is 57, she is 16.

I had another where my middle came in the door with a boy from grade school - high school. This is a boy she would cross the road to avoid. In the dream she was dating him.

My girls now think I am looking to marry them off . . .

Sean Anderson said...

Loved this post. Still sugar free, still food sober. So wonderful!! Dreams are so awesome, aren't they? Dreaming about other bloggers--interesting! Glad you had a good visit--I bet it was pure bliss!