Monday, September 29, 2014

Ah, the Hell with It

Don't believe it. 
This weekend had me out of town, situated in Charlotte, NC for a cousins weekend with my sister and four other female cousins, most of whom I have not seen in 25 to 30 years. It was FANTASTIC - more on that in later posts. We shall sip it slowly, like a fine wine.

I mention where I was only as a setting for what was happening this weekend on the other side of the world: the wedding of George Clooney to Amal Alamuddin.

I was too busy to think about it. Not so for my kindred in the Georgian Sisters of the Clooney Chase. Hundreds of thousands of the brethren saw this weekend as apocryphal and a mass suicide the size of which the world has never seen was certainly on the horizon. When the announcement was made that the marital deed was done and the happy couple were being chased on the waters of the Venice Canal by boats stuffed with paparazzi (picture that scene in JAWS when hundreds of fishermen stuff into small boats to find the shark that killed the little Kitner boy to win a $3,000 reward), there was no collective sigh of pain to affect a the flight of a swarm of butterflies near St Louis, MO. There was no mass suicide of George fans. 

Or so the world thinks -
Perhaps the Sisters found solace elsewhere. Perhaps they said "Ah, the hell with it" and binged on food instead. Little does the press realize that many of The Sisters simply choose some version of Death by Chocolate and linger still in that decision - as overeating is a slow and painful way to die. Some picked up chocolate, some went with ice cream and some found a combination was necessary. 

I was too busy enjoying in the warm company of the women in my extended family from Thursday through today, so I did not have any opportunity to think about what was happening 5000 miles away in Italy. I have a wonderful husband and a happy life. George was simply a fun diversion of thought on the occasions when my mind turned to fantasy. I am one of the many lucky people for whom this announcement really has no meaning in my own life. I didn't pick up chocolate or any other sugar. Life goes on and I am grateful. 

I hope no one really felt the need to pick up food and abuse it to numb any pain this weekend - or for any reason. 


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Jane Cartelli said...

PS: A storybook ending would be if he had fallen in love with a short, bumpy woman. Ah the hell with it.