Thursday, September 25, 2014

Naturally Half-Baked Apple Recipe for Travelers

It is the EASIEST METHOD I have ever used for having a baked apple on the go. This just happened (by accident) to me so I thought I would write out all the steps and share it here.This is a single serving recipe. At the end I will give you a good method for increasing the number of servings.

  1. Buy a single whole apple. 
  2. Drive to Florida between April and October. (Alternatively you can fly and rent a car)
  3. At 10am on a sunny-to-partially sunny day, park your car outdoors in the sun, windows up. 
  4. Exit the car taking all children, pets, spouses and in-laws with you (no excuses)
  5. Return to the car 4 hours later. On your way to the car chew on a piece of cinnamon gum
  6. Start car and kick up the AC to high
  7. Apple will be hot to the touch but should not burn your skin. Hold  apple in front of AC vent for 15 seconds just so the skin membrane will not burn your lips.
  8. Bite through the peel into the apple, sucking in the juice as you bite off each piece. Apple will be hot and very juicy but will not require a bowl, plate or utensils.
  9. If you neglected to buy gum and miss the taste of cinnamon you can search the folds in the car seats for a cinnamon-flavored tic-tac. 

To increase servings: Buy more than a single whole apple. You do your own math.



Vickie said...

This does not work very well for bananas. . .

bbubblyb said...

Sounds good :) my coworker gave me a nuked baked apple recipe but you do need a fork for it :)
Core apple, put in bowl, stuff hole with a few nuts raisins cinnamon and anything else you might like, then nuke for a minute. :) always good reading your posts, I too would love my funeral to be a celebration.

FogDog said...

I just found your blog. You truly are an inspiration to those of us who are just started (or restarting in my case).

I've added you to my blogroll; I'd love it if you would consider adding me to yours. Thanks!