Friday, October 3, 2014

31 Days of October

October has always been my favorite month. Birthday events, Fall leaves, cooler temperatures, Halloween, apple picking, cinnamon in the air. October is also a busy work month for me. Sometimes I wake up on October 31st and think 'where the hell did my month go?'

Okay, in all honestly,  I often think that on the last day of the other eleven months, too. This October I am determined (define determined as stubborn), to make each day of October 2014 count in some way. On the 31st I want to be able to say 'wow, every day was memorable.' To do that I need to plan to make it happen and not let the tides of responsibilities and fatigue carry me through the month. Each Friday of October I am going to list the October dates and what I did each day to savor my favorite month of the year.

October 1 - My husband and I went to dinner with Lisa and her husband Bobbie. Lisa is my second cousin on my father's side. Lisa and I had not seen each other in 28 years. We had a wonderful evening sharing family stories and getting to know each other as adults. Our husband's share a common background of growing up in the Bronx and both being the same age they had the same memories of places and things of that time. We had a really nice time and I look forward to when they come back to visit in January.

October 2 - I picked up my husband's belated anniversary gift and presented it to him. A few years ago we purchased an animation cell from the Beatles' movie Yellow Submarine. I finally had it custom matted and framed. Larry loves the frame and colors of the mats. They really make the artwork pop. We can't wait to hang it in its place of honor.

October 3rd - Rory and I went to see the movie Gone Girl with Ben Affleck. I liked the movie. I enjoyed the twists and was kept guessing on how it would play out. I found the ending was less satisfying. My preference in artwork, be it a painting, a poem, a fictional story, a song or a gourmet meal; I prefer art to have a denouement - an ending that says it is finished.  Tonight I will join Rory and two of her friends for dinner at Disney's California Grill. My eating guidelines for dinner are sugar free, wheat free, cheese free - I am sure it will be a lovely dinner.

Next Friday: October 4 through 10.



Vickie said...

Loved this post. Looking forward to your notes.

I think ONE is very smart. Not trying to write a novel while climbing a mountain backwards, but ONE a day, to live simply and content.

I remembered a post written by Anne, long ago. She was trying to become more aware and I think well balanced in her life. (She is single, no kids, lives alone, and I think it helps to keep that in mind as you look at her list.) Your post made me remember this/her long ago list. And I thought you might like to see it. One thing she did was get a cat. And that helped her a lot. Great company.

PJ Geek said...

I like this theme. October being my birthday month I agree all around.