Monday, October 6, 2014

Diet Gone Alley

If you grew up in a muggle
household you will enjoy
the window here. 
My husband and I went to Universal Studios to enjoy a few hours at the new Harry Potter attractions in the Universal Studios park. (the other Harry Potter attractions are in Universal's Islands of Adventure park). I was sending a text (using voice-to-text) to my daughter to let her know where we were. I said we were in Diagon Alley and the phone texted "we are in diet gone alley."

I thought that was pretty funny. I didn't take it as permission or an accusation. Siri, my phone spirit, made a determination based on what she thought I was saying, not on what I was doing. 

Sirius Black London Home
However, I cannot help but think of how accurate that determination would be if I was eating sugar. For me that does not work.  My history is proof that MY story will not end with "and she learned to eat sugar and lived happily ever after." And that's okay today as I am learning to live happily without. On the days when it is not happy, I work harder to maintain my sugar sobriety. Two hundred and twenty-nine days and counting. 

The park opened at 8AM. At 8:15am (yes 8:15 in the morning) we saw a father and son eating chocolate chili ice cream cones. 

I didn't have any butterbeer, chocolate frogs, ice cream, sugar quills, pumpkin juice, Draught of sugar water, treacle tarts, rock cakes, crisps or chips - all readily available throughout Diagon Alley.  I do not know what I would have started with but I know that once I started I would not have stopped.   

I had a hot cup of tea, a Quest bar (which I brought with me) and a pineapple spear. 

The fantasy world of Diagon Alley includes the smaller, darker area of Knockturn Alley. It is filled with lots of shops devoted to the Dark Arts, including shops which specialize in objects that have curious or strong magical properties. Knockturn is a bit 'dodgy' (on purpose). It is the area where Slitherins would be happy to hang out. There is not a single sugary food or beverage sold in Knockturn Alley. Am I meant to be a Slitherin? 

sign from inside
Knockturn Alley
Hmmm, could Knockturn Alley be safer than Diet Gone alley? While no one tries to force feed me in Diagon or Hogsmeade it can be a bit daunting to hang out where ice cream and butterbeer are the norm. 

Think it is safer on line for the attractions? Taking the train to Hogwarts? At Kings Cross Station a queue line runs directly THROUGH a snack shop in case a guest needs a fix of sugar/salt/fat between London and Hogsmeade (which is only a ten minute trip). 

Perhaps my phone-spirit Siri culled my words wisely. It might be sound thinking for me to remember Diet Gone Alley the next time I head to Diagon. 

What do you think? 


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