Saturday, October 25, 2014

It's My Birthday and I'll Cry If I Want To!

I am feeling a bit weepy today. No reason. Could be hormonal. Boohoo.

It's my 53rd birthday. I've had lots of birthdays and I hope to have a lot more.

My husband and I are going antiquing today. A last minute client booked a proposal event for this evening so I will be getting them engaged around 6pm and after that spending  time with my niece and nephew as they are visiting from New York for the week and staying at WDW.

Three normal meals on my food plan for today. No issues with food. No one is force feeding me a birthday cake or demanding a sugar high for themselves. Simple and easy.

That sounds like a good birthday to me.


Karen said...

Happy Birthday! Here's to a no sugar celebration. Easy, Simple = Good!

Enjoy your day.

Vickie said...

Very Happy Birthday

I am 53 1/2. I also am hormonal, no weepies, rather second day of migraine, but not sure I would trade you. Not eating over it either. So three things we have in common.

Is it a fun proposal?

Just Me! said...

Happy Birthday!

Jane Cartelli said...

Thank you for the Happy Birthdays everyone.

Vickie: the weepies went away before noon and the rest of the day was blessedly enjoyable and happy! I hope your migraine has eased up or gone away by now! I remembered that you are exactly 6 months earlier than me in birthdays.

Vickie said...

48 hours almost exactly. Haven't had one that bad in ages. Definitely hormonal. Thank goodness the barometer was steady the whole time or it could have been much worse.

bbubblyb said...

Happy belated birthday jane!!! Glad your day was good :)

Sean Anderson said...

Happy Birthday!!! You deserve the best, Jane! Sorry I'm late to the party!! It's pretty cool, our birthdays are so close together!!