Saturday, October 11, 2014

Oct 4-10 - 31 Days of October continued

On October 4th I had the blessing of a really good hour of listening/sharing with my fellow food addicts at our Saturday morning meeting. Later that day I decorated our home for Halloween. Very few additions to what I did last year but there are some small new items. I think I want to start a pumpkin shelf above or below one of the other shelves. Thoughts?

October 5th was the day I took my husband for his first visit to Diagon Alley. See my post on Diet Gone Alley for the food experience. As for the rides and entertainment: it is all magical. I held off on buying an expensive interactive magic wand until the day next year when both our daughters will be there with us - but I AM getting myself a wand at that time. Until then I will settle for a Cornish Pixie with chatters.

October 6th is my youngest's actual birthday. I also had an event at Magic Kingdom. Afterwards I came home and enjoyed my first Greek yogurt in over two weeks. I also wrote a post and no one  commented on it, which made me sad but does not alter my enjoyment of writing that post so I can live with it.

October 7th I was in Disney Hollywood Studios for an event followed by a trip to Whole Paycheck - I mean Whole Foods. I bought one sweet potato and a bag of sugar-free, soy-free, vegan protein powder.  Then I found a new product: No-sugar added, non-dairy coconut milk ice cream (not legally ice cream but mentally it works). 100 calories per half cup serving.  They had three flavors: vanilla, chocolate and mint chocolate. I bought two flavors home and tasted them. Not bad. They are in the freezer and I have not had any urge to finish either one off. That is a good sign.

October 8th was the day I caught up on Real Housewives of New Jersey. (stop judging me). All I can say about RHONJ is I thank God for my own life and the world I live in. It hurts to watch sometimes yet I still watch it.  Some people watch prize fights and claim it is a sport. I watch RHONJ and claim it is entertainment.

October 9th was a therapy appointment and it was a really good session filled with  identification, affirmation and awareness. I left feeling energized but not soaring. Energized is a really good feeling for me. Soaring - not so much. Soaring leads me to deep pitch plummets. I like feeling energized because it lasts longer. Earlier this day I got back on the treadmill after two weeks of 'tomorrow' and did 3.1 miles watching an old Dallas episode.

October 10th - I met with a former client who became a friend over the course of several events. Her position at that time involved setting up the cell phones and Internet for everyone in the White House. She is the cool lady who got us into the West Wing of the White House in 2009 when I took photos of the bathroom outside the oval office, sit in Helen Thomas' seat and walk barefoot around the White House grounds. I just  (long story involving high heels and sore feet). I've looked and it appears I never posted the photos from that trip. Here are some of the photos. The one in the bathroom is directly across from the Oval Office. I wanted a photo inside the White House and the bathroom is the only place I could get away with it.

I cannot remember my hair being that short.

I cannot believe how fast this month is going! 33% over already!

How is your October going?



PJ Geek said...

I loved your Diet Gone Alley post..I just don't always post comments, It bums me too when no one comments.

Vickie said...

SO delicious
Dairy free coconut milk
Nondairy frozen dessert

Is what my vegan daughter uses. It does have sugar added and is 120 calories per 1/2 cup serving.

She said it is so rich that she only eats a bite or two as a serving.

She is interested to know what brand you found.

Jane Cartelli said...

PJ Geek - I get that completely. Commenting is time consuming. I think I am just hoping to connect with other ADHDA people like me: (Adult Diagon Harry Dragon Addicts)

Vickie - the same brand without sugar. The lid is a delightful aqua color to signify it is the sugar free version.

Jane Cartelli said...

Vickie: I've eaten their other products in past years but not since refraining from all added sugar. The brand is not new, of course, but this product in their line is certainly a newbie.