Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 15th Update

Hey, this is my favorite month! I love October STUFF - pumpkins and leaves, the Great Pumpkin, classic movies, witch books, decorating and costumes. . . . the purpose of taking the time to write something about each day was to help me focus on making sure I didn't miss out on the things I wanted to do because of everything else I have to do. It took me until today, the the 15th to realized I am doing the exact same thing - missing out on the things I want to do because of everything else I have to do. The only difference is that I am writing about it.

Ah, but one difference can be enough. By writing about it I can see my month more clearly

October 11th - I worked all day in my office and into the evening
October 12th - I worked all day into the evening and stopped only to watch Boardwalk Empire
October 13th - I worked all day but stopped for a massage in the evening and got a god night's sleep
October 14th - another work day. This day I paused and became aware that October is passing me by

October 15th - Stop the madness now. Yes, there are responsibilities and things I have to do but there are things I want to do and if I do not take that time for me I will experience the 3Rs: Regret and Resent will grow until eventually the third R becomes Relapse.

It is time to mix the potion that mixes well with the brew of work responsibilities and brings me back into the spirit of the month.

A little Hocus Pocus and yes, I still have to work today, but I can take the time to wander through the craft store for a half hour and buy a carving pumpkin and take the Dremel drill to copy a design I saw on line. While I am there, if the mood strikes me, I will buy something else colorful and start my third decorated shelf of Halloween decorations.

There is still half of October left to enjoy~ get to it!

What are you going to do to restore your soul/energy in these next 16 days of October?


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PlumPetals said...

It's my favorite month too! Can't believe it's halfway over -- hope you enjoy the rest of October :)