Monday, October 27, 2014

The Birthday Adventure of My Holy Unicorn

 It was perhaps two years ago when I first read Super Earthlings blog post that included the invention of the Holy Unicorn. She re-posted the story that includes Holy Unicorn and the Horrific Consequences of cheating on your diet on June 23rd but her links are broken right now so I won't send you over there today.  If you never read it, you should because it will make you laugh and laughing is always good.

Last year I went on eBay and bought a box of unicorns and it even included a teddy bear riding a unicorn. (her story also has a Holy Teddy Bear). I shared the box of unicorns with people who also read and appreciated Super Earthlings post. 

Holy Unicorn has become an inside joke between me and some of my dearest friends. One of these dear friends sent me a plush unicorn/minion character (from the movie Despicable Me or Me II) for my birthday. I opened it at dawn. It included a card about filling my day with rainbows and sparkles and sillies. 

I decided to let Holy Unicorn come with me everywhere all day and I chronicled Her adventure in photos and captions. 

I hope you will enjoy Her day with me on my birthday.

Holy Unicorn is unwrapped from her traveling cocoon of
Amazon gift wrap and cardboard just in time to see the sun rise 

She clears the road of traffic for a good, orderly
start to my birthday travels. First stop: a meeting! 

But then Holy Unicorn notices I am low on gas

She sends me to a gas station and makes
the price of gas magically drop below
$3.00 a gallon.

We get to the meeting and while I enjoy the
fellowship and sharing, Holy Unicorn protects
the treasure's money pouch.

We return home to find presents!
Here is Holy Unicorn checking out
my new Disney Haunted Mansion bookends!

She likes this view more

As a birthday gift, I suggested $200 to put towards a
 consultation with a nutritionist. 
My husband thought
that sounded 'un-fun.' 
I said it is fun to me.
Holy Unicorn reads the cute certificate my
husband made for my birthday. 

Holy Unicorn is touched by the gesture and blows her nose. 

She inspects the interactive magic wand from Ollivander's, a
special gift from my best friend, Joyce. Holy Unicorn is
impressed that my friend waited on a long line and stood through
an entire show at Ollivander's in order to purchase this gift. She is
even more impressed that Joyce knew the Ollivander's bag would
be at least as exciting to me as the wand!  

We drive up to Lake County to visit beautiful
Lake Yale but first we stop for coffee. Holy
 Unicorn approves of a venti dark roast with
unsweetened almond milk brought from home.

At this point Holy Unicorn saw something else that caught her attention. 
Holy Unicorn threw a rainbow of forgetfulness over the
case of bakery goods so that my magical magnifying mind
would not be inspired to remember how anything might
have tasted in my past life. I remain sugar free.

Then we continued on with the Journey of the Birthday

Holy Unicorn sees Lake Yale for the first time and is
excited at how peaceful the area is today. She takes time to
contemplate the mysteries of the universe while Larry
and I swat at blind mosquitoes and gnats.

She reminds me to stop and make a wish at the
artificially colored fountain of pool-looking water.

I decide we will have lunch as Bob Evans.
It takes forever for our order to arrive.
While we are waiting for my Heritage Salad,
Holy Unicorn makes use this handy
Table-Stable and rests. 

Refreshed, she checks out the remainder of
my salad and reminds me to eat my

We stop at the check out counter and donate toward feeding
a family for Thanksgiving. Holy Unicorn signs the
leaf with her initials H.U.C.
 It was at this time that I became distracted by something.  We left Bob Evans and drove to our next location about five miles away. When we arrived I went to reach for Holy Unicorn to pose for a new photo with her when I could not find her! We searched my bag, the car, the trunk -everywhere! Oh Holy Unicorn, where are you??  I insist we drive back to Bob Evans and check the parking lot. When we arrive I go inside and ask if they have seen any Unicorns today and poof!! - she was behind the counter, between the register and the barrier.

Holy Unicorn scolds me gently for leaving Her
behind but she is please we returned for her.

We return to the rest of the adventure:

Here we are at Renniger's Flea Market.
I didn't like it at all and neither did Holy Unicorn. She stayed in
my pocketbook and would not pose for photos here. 

We drive to Disney World and she pops her head out
of my bag and asks "What is this magical place??"

She enjoys her first Monorail ride. 

Oh my, she likes the pretty castle in the distance

As you can see from her face, Holy Unicorn really
enjoyed getting felt up by the security guard
who checked my purse at the entrance gate

While I visited the necessaries, Holy Unicorn
insists on a photo at a most inopportune time. 

We meet up with my daughter and visiting niece and nephew while in the park
and find another gift to open! 

Holy unicorn wants me to open the gift . . . .

 . . . so She can play in the bag! 

Holy Unicorn checks out her reflection in my
phone and decides she needs to be groomed.

Then she helps me read the many Happy Birthday
greetings I received on Facebook during the day.

Holy Unicorn thinks she is posing with the Great Pumpkin

Then Holy Unicorn realizes this is only a street light
decoration and not the real Great Pumpkin. 

We end our day walking under the carved pumpkin decorations
that spell out "See ya real soon!

It was a great birthday, devoid of sugar, overeating and bloating foods. It was filled with sunshine, rainbows, sillies and the best Holy Unicorn adventure to date!

To quote the carved pumpkins: See ya real soon!



Just Me! said...

It looks like Holy Unicorn had a great adventure! I can only hope to be able to avoid sugar and bloating foods on my birthday! I'm a sucker for the sweets and still struggling with being sugar free.

PJ Geek said...

CUTE....I had the same relationship at Islands of Adventure with my Donkey from Shrek. Total joy and participant in our trip.

Vickie said...

I read every word and loved the pics. Very cute. Looks like you had a great time.

that TOPS lady said...

Lovely! (If I had a Holy Unicorn, I think he would tell me I'm up too late and to get myself to bed) Goodnight! I enjoyed the read!